Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Friendship

Hye sweetheart!

This is going to be a long one. Bear to hear everything okay! I walked to the uni this morning. Yes, under the raw drizzling rain. It took me almost 20 minutes to get into my office and that was the time when I started thinking. Considering about lots and lots of things that had happended or are going to happen around me..

I miss my best friend. Best friends to be exact. But the one that I'm missing right now is special because despite being best mate, we have some sort of long-relative-relation as well. I know she is going through her hardest time at the moment. It is a regret because I was not there with her, not there to support her. We have been through quite a lot of things (goods and bads, happiest and saddest, highest and lowest etc...) together since we first known each other back in 2003. Our friendship has kept on growing until now and I knew we would always be friends. I would love to hear everything from her rite now, but I think she has her own reasons to keep things hidden from everybody else. I know she needs somebody to talk to. But I was not there for her. This is what I hate about being ultimately far from everybody at home..urghh, Doraemon, lend me your Pintu Sukahati pleaseee.. I wanna be right beside her now..=( Dear friend, just tell me, I'll listen okay..

Talking about best friends, I started to have real-best-buddies since I was in Standard 6 in Sek. Keb Taman Senangan. Thara, Farah, Nazirah and Amirah. The Four of us. We continued our friendship tight until all of us entered our lower secondary school in Sek Men Keb Dato' Onn Butterworth. Again, four of us, been thru soo many things together. I could still remember all. Yes, almost all. Beratur dekat kantin nak beli laksa (tiap2 hari okayyy), makan roti canai kat blkg skolah (rindunya yg nie..huhu), berlatih kawad (hitam weh time tu), pi gathering kat skolah cina (mcm bodo je pegang lilin), mural painting (bangga ooo yang nie), class decorating (3K1 yg paling best), secret admirers (hahaha..yg ni mmg x bole blah!! semua ada cerita masing2..:p ) and many other interesting things that are impossible for me to write every single one in here. The very last time that four of us were actually gathered was during Thara's wedding. Yes, one of us is happily married with one handsome son. The rest, still waiting for our turn.ehehe.. I believe that the group is still there, we still meet each other, even not the complete version, but we will remain as best friends forever, that's for sure!=)

From left: Farah, Thara, Amirah and Nazirah on Thara's solemnization day.

Next, right after I left Dato' Onn, I started my new life in MRSM Beseri in year 2001. With new surroundings as well as new friends. Emyliana, Kema and Yani, my cubemates for almost 1 and a half years. Adiyanty and Hajar, my best BWPmates ever. I'm still in contact with lovely Emy and Hajar until now. The rest, still did, but sometimes in a season. If you knew Emy, you would say that both of us have substantial difference in characters. But we are really close. Up until now. We shared everything. Especially during our hard times. I would love to introduce you to Hajar, most beautiful person in this world. Inside and outside. I love them all as they were the closest and understand me the most for that 2 years in MRSM Beseri. Three of us are still abroad struggling upon completing our studies. Emy is a future Doctor studying in Indonesia. Hajar is in UK and myself is still in Aussie.. Girls, lets meet up when all of us go back to Malaysia for goods okayy!!

Emy and Kema, love both of you..hugss!!

My life's changed from an innocent school girl to a university student right after I was enrolled in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai, Johor in year 2003. This is the place where I met a few other important persons in my life. My very first friend who is now my bestfriend is my room mate, Wan Nor Munirah. Fyi, we spent almost 7 years of our time in UTM together right from the Foundation Year, undergraduate studies and we even completed our postgraduate studies (MSc in Mathematics) together. Can you imagine how long does this strong relation survives? We even still keep each other in contact eventhough both of us have been separated since we finished our studies in year 2008. Not forgetting, Zuria, Nomie and Siti as well. Five of us. But Zuria and Nomie are now married. They also have one son each. Omg, look at how the time flies. Three of my closest friends are now become working mother, and of course, I'm sooo proud of them though..=)

Now I'm in University of Wollongong, Australia with a few close friends namely Laili, Fendy and Kak Emy as I've been here only for less than a year. I believe that after three years, there will be names that I could consider as my bestfriends like the ones above. Well dear, when it comes to friendship, you'll know it when there comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will. That is how maturity grow.

p/s: Dear all my besties, I guess this is my way of saying thanks for catching me when I fall, and thanks again for being here with me through it all. There are a few other names that I didn't mention inside here. You know who you are and please remember that you're not forgotten. never!!=)


Thara said...

awww. this is a very sweet entry. im missing u already! :(

hahaha. mmg priceless kan memories kita masa sekolah menenangah dulu especially! aku tak ingat part beratur beli laksa tu haha, but i remember the rest, ESPECIALLY yg pi gathering girl guides dkt st mark pegang lilin (mcm bodo) tu! hahaha. classic man. :P

eh wait zuria as is zuria sotong tu dah ada baby? really?? nape aku tak tau weh!

amirah said...

i miss u too babe..lama x jumpa!!huhu..

yup,all are priceless!!part beratur beli laksa tu maybe ang x ingat.. tp ang jd mpsp perabih makanan aku ingat x????hehehe..

yea,zuria tu la yg dah ade baby..baru abis pantang if i'm not mistaken. baby boy nama muhammad hafiy. sgt lah cute!!!aku pun blom tgk lagi.hehehe..she's not really active inside the virtual, susah ckit nak dpt update.huhu..

Thara said...

seriously? mana hang tau ni? nak tengok baby diaaa! dia ada FB tak? ada gamba dia & baby tak?