Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oops, I did it again!!

Dear all,

I just made another online purchase from Maysaa London today. It's the signature Maysaa scarf, described as "long awaited" and "one of a kind", .

I already bought one last year and I had it in black. When the new colours are advertised to be ready in store, I quickly grabbed them in no time. Now I just need to wait for my new navy blue and pure white scarves to arrive. Excited!

My previous purchase

If you ask me about how much I love it, I will simply say a TOTAL LOVE without any hesitation. Why?

  1. The chiffon material requires no ironing. You bole sumbat-sumbat masuk bag, then when you need it, just put in on and you're all ready to go.
  2. Very very very lightweight. Believe me. It feels like nothing on your head.
  3. Provides neck coverage so that you can style it with other scarf on top.
  4. It requires no pin. AT ALL! But will still stay in place.
  5. Very versatile and suits most face shapes.

However, if you ask me about the price, memang sangatlah pricey! Sangat! Especially with the currency exchange rate. You boleh beli melambak tudung yang lagi cantik-cantik dekat Malaysia dengan harga sehelai scarf Maysaa ni.

Tapi untuk para pengguna tudung bawal yang tegar yang sangatlah malas nak menggayakan tudung macam I ni, I will certainly recommend you to go and get this item. You won't regret. Trust me! :)


asfahani said...

ehh nak try tula..mahal!!haha

amirah said...


Memang mahal kalau difikirkan harga. But for me, it is simple and easy to use. Yang penting tak over!hahaha.. ye la, aku reti pakai tudung bawal je. Bila try yg ni, terus fall in love. Worth the money spent!=)