Friday, July 2, 2010

Gold Coast Finale: Open Activity

We didn't really have any particular plan on our 4th day in Gold Coast. It was more or less like our leisure day for the whole trip. We went out at about 2pm heading to Wet n' Wild Water World to exchange Rem's ripped new Quicksilver swimwear. And I was amazed to see how huge the world is and all the water rides are full of adventure. I'm sure that my family would love to try on all of these if they have chance to come to Gold Coast especially my beloved father. Bapak, nnt datang Gold Coast kita bole main puas2 okay!!

Wet n' Wild Water World

Then we drove to Carrara Flea Markets. It is said that the markets are a must for every Gold Coaster and visitors looking for Value for Money. However, we arrived there at almost 4pm and too bad that the stalls were all ready for closing. It's alrite. Asalkan dah dapat jejak kaki kat situ pun kira ok la. Bagi kami yg datang dari Wollongong ni, Carrara tu lebih kurang mcm Dapto market la..=))

After Carrara market, we straight away went to Harbourtown Shopping Centre. It was really huge. For those who have been to Docklands Shopping Centre in Melbourne, this place is exactly like it. You'll have chance to explore stylish designer outlets from lingerie to linen, dresses to decor, jackets to jewellary, perfume to pots, bags to books and a whole lot more. Shopping memang best, tapi malangnya amount duit dalam account tu yg tak best. So, takde la heaven sgt pegi shopping kalo takde duit berkepuk2. cuci mata aje la jawabnya.hehehe..

From there, we went back to Surfer's Paradise when Syaril decided to do Bungy jumping. Yes, he is a crazy friend of mine. We couldn't say anything except for our jaw-dropping the moment he took the biggest leap of all. I couldn't even explain the pure adrenaline rush seeing him jumping from that 40-metre height. Crazy!! After all, he really made it and we salute him for his braveness. Bravo bro!!

Then, we went on a 2-hour karaoke session at the city. Ni kes nak isi masa lapang la ni. Dah la tempat dia murah and cantik. Rasa mcm karok kat Mesia pulak. Tapi semua lagu English. Tak jumpa la lagu2 rock kapak Melayu ye kawan2. Lagu English pun kitorang belasah sampai 2 jam. kira terer la jugak tu.hehehe..:p We spent a few extra time playing pool and table soccer at the Timezone, an enermous games area. It really is one of the best outstanding indoor attraction in Surfers paradise.

Karaoke and Arcade Session

Syaril-Bungy Jumping-Adrenaline Park

Harbourtown Shopping Centre

We went back to our room feeling tired and exhausted. Did some packings for our journey back home in the next morning. We leave our accommodation at 10am and reached Coolongata Airport at 12.45pm to return our car. Our flight is scheduled to be at 3.30pm. But again, another delayed flight by tiger Airways, we departed Gold Coast at 4.20pm. Arrived at Sydney Airport around 6pm. Travelled back to Wollongong by train. A bit shocked upon arrival because of the drastic weather change. It was really warm and nice in Gold Coast. Suddenly the temperature decreased down to 5degrees in Wollongong. Freezing, chilly, windy all come in one whole package. That was how we ended our 5 days vacation. I could say that this trip is the best so far. Hope to have more pleasure trip all around Australia after this.

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