Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Box

Dear diary,

I talked to my mum for almost hmm, say 2hours last night. Very long conversation huh?? Biasa la. Malam2 takde buat pape mmg masa utk bergosip dgn mak la.hehe. She told me about the preparation on abang's wedding. Bekas hantaran, door gift for the ladies, gentlemen, VIPs, bla bla bla semua dah siap tempah. Everything seems to run smoothly on the track now. Alhamdulillah. Can't wait to go back and have a look at them myself. Ni la yg tak bestnya bila duduk jauh2 macam ni. Ketinggalan semua benda. Balik2 tengok semua dah siap. Takde can la nak kepoh2 buat2 busy masa persiapan semua ni. Sungguh tak seronok okeh!!

Owh, when I go back for this coming Hari Raya, I need to start hunting for the matching outfits that suit the wedding themes later on. Silver for majlis bertandang and green for my brother's side (to match his garden wedding theme). Semua nak tempah/beli masa balik raya nanti. Masa majlis nikah tu blasah je la pakai apa yg ada. I think I still have my white&pink graduation's outfit which is only worn once or twice. So, settled!! Eh kau ni Amirah, orang lain yang nak kawen, kau yg sebok2 nak cari baju apehal? Over tau!! Hahaha. Excited weh. First event in the family..=))

I'm looking for something simple like this

And I wish to have something sweet like this..=))

Ha, back to the above title, I received a parcel just now. Actually, I collected it at Unanderra because I wasn't at home when it was delivered to me yesterday. The parcel is from him and became the most meaningful box ever!! It contains a sweater with his name written on it, a multi-purpose pen which is specially bought from Japan and a card that he wrote with his own handwriting.

Hmm, bole berangan jadi staff Perodua. Hai, saya Faizal Mira. eh salah, Amri :p

p/s: Thanks heaps dear. I know it costed you a lot sending me all these items. Tak sia-sia saya komplen kat awak tiap2 hari sejuk kat sini. Dapat sweater ade tulis nama awak lagi. Lepas ni nak komplen lagi la. Mana tau tuan punya sweater pulak yg muncul kan.hehehe. Ok, stop dreaming girl!! :p

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