Friday, July 9, 2010

Love Story: 7th Year


It was 9 years back when I first laid my eyes on him. We registered at the same boarding school, MRSM Beseri, Perlis in Year 2001. I coincidentally met him for the first time at the library during our orientation day. And I slyly figured out his name from one of his group member. (revealing secret #1). Faizal Amri. The first guy that caught my attention in MRSM Beseri. That is the beginning point of everything, when I started to fall in love for the first time in my life. I mean love, ignore crushes.

## FIRST YEAR, 2001 ##

However, there is a bridge between the first sight until the next best things came on. He was enrolled in class 4 Amanah and myself in 4 Effisien. Because my classroom is strategically situated at the end corner of the building, everyday I will find a way to walk pass his classroom just to sneak a look at him. I remembered that I have 6 reasonable chances of walking in front of his class everyday including Prep Time and I will be happy enough even if I have chance to see him once or twice a day. Sounds lame isn't it? But that was exactly what I did. (revealing secret #2). Somehow, we ended our first year in MRSM Beseri just like that. Nothing happen.

## SECOND YEAR, 2002 ##

During form 5, I was transferred into class 5 Gigih. I hated it because I don't have chance to walk pass his classroom anymore since it is easier to enter mine from another side of the building. Urghhh!! Really frustrated. However, to make things become more interesting, I found him walking through my door everyday. Sometime more than three times each day. That was the time when we started exchanging quick glances and smile to each other. I know right from the start that there's something between us that nobody else knows. You know what, I secretly memorized his daily timetable so that I would be able to be there, waiting for him. (Revealing secret #3). When I came to think of it, it is really funny though..:p


Owh, I forgot to tell you one thing. During my second year in MRSM Beseri, everyday somebody will put a candy right inside my desk. Yes, almost everyday I will come to class finding my favourite candy nicely placed on top of my pile of books. He/she kept on doing that for the rest of the year. Nevertheless, I didn't eat them all. I kept every little candy nicely in a box. As a point of fact, I don't normally accept things from strangers that easily. But that time I don't know why I keep everything without even having intention to figure out who the sender was.


Back to the story between me and him, again, nothing much happen throughout the year. We only keep on exchanging looks and smiles everyday. That's the best thing that both of us could do at that time. But in January 2002, I received the very first phone call from him. I went back home for Thaipusam holiday. And he called my house from a public phone while he was on his way back to Malacca. Omg, I felt very overwhelming that time. I can't believe that he finally took the first move by calling me at home. I remembered that we didn't talk that much. Honestly, I was very nervous at that time. (revealing secret #4). Can you imagine having somebody that you really really like on the other side of the phone. I am lucky enough if he didn't hear my heart thumping very loud..:p Right from that moment, I believe that there is something special between us. It remained a secret that no one knows. Ok, I lied. Emy, my cubemate knew everything about me liking him.

## SPM 2002 ##

2002 is the year that we took the last public examination at MRSM Beseri before the entry into a first bachelor degree course at a university. The examination was held in November, a week after MRSM Beseri's graduation ceremony on the 1st November 2002. (A day before my birthday.hehe). Owh, why was the graduation day so important to me? Because we had our photo taken on that day. And it became our very first photo together and my favourite photo of all. Then I also received another meaningful phone call from him wishing both of us good luck for the important exam. Thank you sweetheart.


After 2years of hardship in highschool, the time for us to leave every (sweet and bitter) things behind had finally arrived. Saying good bye is always the hardest word to confess rite. The night before I leave MRSM Beseri, somebody came disclosing a secret that he kept for a very long time. Remember about the mysterious candy that I mentioned before? That guy told me that they were all from Faizal Amri. He's only the messenger. He didn't have chance to put the very last piece under my desk that night and decided to reveal everything about it. Omg, it was really flattering. No wonder why I keep all the candies eventhough I don't know from who did they come from. I believe that the chemistry between me and him does exists from the very beginning. You know what dear, eventhough there's nothing happen between us throughout those two years, somehow, somewhat, I believe that there going to be something to happen in future. That was my very last wish before I left high school life. (revealing secret #5). We keep each other in contact using mobile phones without expecting what will happen next. No confession. Nothing.


March 2003, everybody received their SPM result. And I made one of the biggest decision in my life that had literally effected my future (in a good way). I rejected the offer to further my bachelor's degree in United Kingdom and decided to enter UTM Skudai. I made my own decision without being influenced by anybody. Nonetheless, I never knew that it actually meant, I will be studying at the same university with him. Yes, we entered the same proram, Tahun Asas UTM 2003. Is that what we call fate? I don't know. Maybe it is.. You have no idea how happy I was, knowing that I will be having chance to spend the whole bachelor's degree years in UTM with someone who has stolen my heart..=))


Well, the first time that we actually met was during the first two weeks in UTM. He treated me lunch at Center Point. (I didn't consider this as a date because my best friend Hajar was also there). Then, he asked me out for the first time before both of us went back home for mid semester break. McD Taman Universiti. Our first (unofficial) lunch date. After 2 weeks at home, we both came back to UTM. Now come the happy part.teeheee..:p He proposed. Where? Center Point UTM. When? Lunch hour. No such things like romantic dinner or whatever. We don't need that though. It didn't took me a long time to answer when he asked me to be more than just a friend. I straight away said yes as that is the thing that I have long been waiting for. So, on 9th July 2003, we declared each other as a couple which means that we're now officially taken. He is mine. And I am his.. And our love balloon is then blooming. lalala~~~


Throughout all the years in UTM, both of us had our ups and downs together. From the sweetest until the hardest parts. We went through everything hand in hand. Things happened more than any of us could ever committed to memory. The biggest problem occured in 2007 (our fourth year together). And we survived. Yes, we survived cruising through all the hardships. For me, no matter how hard things have gotten on us, we learnt to appreciate things that we have now because we went through all the hard times together. Thank you for being with me all this while dear. You're such an invaluable most divine gift that I ever had in mylife.


We both completed our studies in Year 2008. He left UTM one semester earlier than I did since I still need to complete my Master's Degree. He started his working life while I was struggling my life as a student without having him beside me. Alhamdulillah, things went on very well even after I was left alone in UTM. We keep seeing each other at least twice a month. It is either he came to visit me n UTM or I went down to KL to spend my weekends with him. I believe that no matter what phase we are in, our love balloon will keep on expanding..=))


Don't be surprised with the above subtitle. It is not like I leave him forever. No. Not at all. I came to Australia to further my study since July 2009. And now we are like thousand miles away from each other. This is the hardest part of all. I used to be so close to him in MRSM. And we spent most of our times together for all 5 years in UTM. Can you imagine how can I survive being away from him like this? It is damn hard I tell you. But thanks heaps to my man. He made me feel like we are still very close at heart. We talk (skype) to each other everyday. Addition, twice, EVERYDAY. If I am in Malaysia, I believe that we don't even have chance to talk to each other for that long. This is how we survive now. Seeing each other everyday virtually sounds fun huh!! It really is..=)) Well, distance is the pure proof of our love now. If it survives, it is going to be stronger than ever, and forever we will love each other..


All the way through seven years, I think he is the best thing that ever happen in my life or ever made for me. Speaking of this, I want to share something with you. He was born on 22nd January 1985 and I was born on 2nd November the same year. This means that he came out to see the world 9 months and 10 days earlier than I did. For this, I keep telling him that I was made for him. Why? Come, think about this. Right when he was born on 22nd January, it is the day that I was 'biologically' created. And I came to see the world 9 months and 10 days after that. Leave the countings to me sweetheart. It is logically true isn't it? I can't prove this, but I still believe on the fact that I was made for him.. And I do hope that it is the fate that Allah swt had actually created. Aminnnn...

This long long entry is specially dedicated to you my dear..

You know how much I love you. I think we both are now ready to move on to the next level of relationship. But only time that matters. I will keep praying hard for the next chapters of our love story will continue until forever. Let us put all the hard times aside, gather all the sweetest moments in one bunch, and live happily ever after. And remember, even if we are not fated to be together, please please please keep in your mind that my love for you will strongly survive till the day I close my eyes.

So, Happy 7th Year of enduring our love journey. Hope and pray for the best. With His blessings, InsyaAllah we will have chance to treasure many many more years to come. Looking forward to continue this love story for the coming years. Till then, take good care of yourself on my behalf. Looking forward to see you soon. Bye2..=))

Love from the land down under,
amri_mira, 22010211


nanad said...

ok sgt penat baca entry ni. ta abes baca lg tp nanti ill continue on some other days.. but sumpah sweet kot korg!!!! gile love story abes! bley wat drama ok kak mira? ehe.. anyways, congrats to both of u n nanti kawen jgn lpe jemput tauuu =))

amirah said...

hahaha..k.mirah dah letak warning kat previous entry yg this is gonna be a longggggg one. tak bole nak cut it short lagi since they are all the important parts and scenes of the story.ehehe..
thanks for reading. this is just a matter of sharing. kawen??? sure will!! dah nampak org yg nak tolong buat cuppies for me.lalala..:p

siti hajar yusoff said...

darling mira!!!!!
suke yer bc kronologi kisah cinta u n incik ehem :P lol...xsangka it was since beseri, pandai eh simpan secret smpai hjr pn xtau :P *wink* at UTM? alamak!! napa la hjr xprasan ms tu? kalo idak mesti dh kene2 kan korang..hehehe..btw,i'm so happy bout ur relationship dgn incik ehem..skrg ni xsbr nk tunggu the weddding lak *BIG grin*

oh dear...really miz the old days la!!!...u take care laling..i will keep on reading your entries..keep up with the good work *HUGS*

amirah said...

heeeee..thanks again for the compliment hajar..
u know what, u termasuk jugak dalam cerita ni tau..sampai bila2 pun akan ingat..=))

hajar mesti tak ingat ada satu masa tu dia blanja kite lunch dekat utm. things started from there. kalau hajar takde mesti i tak berani nak date dengan dia masa tu.ehehehe..

btw, u take care too darling!!thanks for the support. good luck in EVERYTHING you do okay. we must find a way to meet each other as soon as we get back for goods!!

keep reading yea...XOXO