Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gold Coast Part 1: Arrival Day

Okay, now I'm ready to describe bit by bit about my trip to Gold Coast last week. On 24th June, we started our journey as early as 6.15am from Wollongong. We arrived at the airport approximately at 8.00am to catch our 9.30am flight. Unfortunately, the flight was postponed to 10.20am. No wonder why people call Tiger Airways as the King of Delays. Selamat pegi ramai2. Kalau sorang2 boleh mati bosan tunggu kat airport tu rasanya. Because of the delayed flight, we reached Gold Coast nearly at 12noon. Lapar gile!!! You know me, makan kena on time. Kalau tak dapat, mula la perut ni tergedik-gedik menyanyi.hehe. Right after arrival, we settled everyting about our rented car, Nissan Tilda. The weather was just so perfect and there you go, a 5 days journey in Gold Coast has finally started!!=))

Muka bosan akibat Tiger Airways sengal yg suka delay

Our rented car, Nissan Tilda. (abaikan minah kepoci kat belakang tu)

Our first stop was at Kebab and Fish n Chips shop for lunch. I makan FnC yang sangat TAK SEDAP!!! Ikan dia rasa mcm tali. Grrrrr!! Selamat chips tu menyelamatkan keadaan. Kalau tak dengan tokei2 tu sekali I telan. hehe. tipu.. So, bila perut dah tak bunyi, boleh la sambung perjalanan.hehe.. We went straight away to Southport Tourist Park to check-in. The room was just "okay". Maklumla budget accommodation. As long as I could sleep, that will be good enough. Luckily the toilet is clean and situated right in front of my room. After that we went out to get some food stocks for 5 days from Australia Fair supermarket which is only 10mins drive from our place.

Kedai Fish n Chips tali. tokei hilang sebab takut kene telan.hehe..

Huge Australia Fair Shopping centre. Nak curik bawak blk Wollongong boleh?

When it comes to shopping, you may leave it to us..:p

From Australia Fair, we decided to go the nearest beach just to fill in our free time on the first day. We went to Main Beach and spend some time taking pictures there. Lepas masing2 dah menggigil sejuk, we went back to our room and we found out that the place has it's own private pool and jacuzzi. Walaupun hotel murah, bak kate Laili Hotel Ah Keong, gempak jugak la sebab ade private outdoor jacuzzi yg bole tahan best. I dengan laili masak lauk yg super-simple laju2; kobis goreng, ayam kene langgar, dan telur dadar. Lepas tu masing2 dah tak sabar nak loncat kat dalam jacuzzi yg nice n warm tu. yeeeehaaaaaa!!!

Main Beach at night. Gelap gelita. Freezing cold!!

Introducing our dishes that night. Ayam kene langgar & telur dadar. kobis goreng menyorok agaknye.

Lepas tangan semua dah kecut2, baru la teringat yg kitorang belom dinner. Luckily everything was ready. Semua dah jadi mcm singa kelaparan. Lauk tak sedap pun belasah mcm sedap.haha. Sejuk2 makan ramai2 memang best. Berselera je. Jacuzzi, done!!, Dinner, taken!! Then it's time for us to figure out how Surfer's Paradise looks like at night.

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