Friday, July 9, 2010

Memorabilia: 7th Year

Here are some memorable pictures of me and him for all the years from 2003 until 2010. There are a lot more but I choose the ones in regard to our most unforgettable events according to sequences and times. Hav fun looking at each and every collage pictures!!=))

1) Faizal Amri
Introducing the man who has stolen my heart since 9 years back. Look at him with his different array of expressions. He never failed to make me keep falling in love with him everyday..=))

2)Eye On Malaysia
These pictures were taken during our second visit to KL in February 2007. There were times when we really enjoy travelling by bus. Hope to have more visits like this in future. Spending quality time like this somehow helps to tighten our relation.

Eye On Malaysia, February 2007

3)Genting Highland

This was our first visit to Genting Highland since he left UTM. We went there together with my elder brother, Hanif, my sister, Fatin, and my cousin, Zariff somewhere in July 2008.

Genting Highland, July 2008

4)His Convocation
It was the day when he graduated from UTM making him the happiest person on the earth as all the hardships were then paid off. And I became the next happiest person on the earth to witness the ceremony seeing him walking proudly on the stage receiving his scroll. Congratulation dear!

His Convocation, August 2008

5)Kota Tinggi
I always want to spend my time with him at the beach and I keep telling him that since forever. And one day, he drove me all the way from Skudai to Kota Tinggi just to make my dream comes true. TQ so much sayang!!

Kota Tinggi, November 2008

6)My MSc Convocation
This was my turn to be the happiest person on the whole planet celebrating my 2nd graduation from UTM for my Master's Degree. I was much more luckier to have all my beloved persons around me including him. He never failed to present himself to be with me on my special days..=))

My MSc Convocation, March 2009

7)Summer Holiday
February 2009, I went back to Malaysia for the first time after 7 months being away from him. And again, we went to Genting Highland for the second time. But this time, my whole family was there too. I felt very happy to see how he blended himself very well with my family during this vacation.

Summer Holiday, February 2010

The following pictures were taken randomly for all the years we had spent together since 2003 until now.

Random pictures, 2003-2010

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