Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip to Pebbly Beach

I'm here again!!

You know what, I forgot to tell you about my sweet escape last weekend. My bad.. It had been a week, but I think it is better than not telling at all rite..:p Actually, Laili's friend, Kak Zura came over from Canberra. So, Laili planned a one-whole-day trip for her and I was so lucky to get myself involved in the interesting outing. There's another person joined us. Farizal, who's the driver cum the photographer cum the stand-by mechanic..:p

We started our journey exactly at 9am and drove all the way to the South Coast. Our first stop was at the Pebbly Beach which is located between Ulladulla and Bateman's Bay. Fyi, Pebbly Beach is widely known as the home of kanggaroos. You'll find a large population of kanggaroo quite happy to be patted or to pose for photos.

See, I told you how friendly those kanggaroos are rite..

The beach

Then, we continued our journey to the Whale Point at Ulladulla. Okay, we didn't see any sign of whales jumping or playing from there. Needless to say, we should have spent more time, but because of the time constraint, we only enjoyed the sweeping ocean views which is stunningly beautiful!! Though it was freezing cold there, it didn't stop us from taking a few memorable pictures over there.

Whale point at Ulladulla

After spending some times for photo session, now it's time for us to fill in our tank. We decided to stop at a pie shop in Milton. There were a huge options of delicious looking pies and mouth watering desert at the shop. Don't live there, otherwise you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from consuming the pies EVERYDAY. Trust me!!hehe..

My pie..eating is such a good therapy remember? :p

Okay, now we're ready to move on with our next stop, Kiama Blowhole. I've been there before if you still remember me telling you. It is almost dark that time and because of the low-lighting, the pictures didn't turn out to be as beautiful as the others. Sorry about that Kak Zura.

Low-lighting picture at Kiama lighthouse

From there, we decided to go back to Wollongong before continue our journey to Sydney. Laili brought us to a Turkish restaurant called Kiroran if I'm not mistaken. The noodle is simply delicious. Not forgetting the lamb and chicken skewers. I can still imagine the taste. Yummie!!=))

Our original plan was to go for a karaoke session rite after dinner. But then, it was fully booked. Plus, it was raining that night and everybody was exhausted enough. So,we decided to go back.

p/s: It was really tiring, but it became one of the most exciting trip that I ever had here in Aussie.. More pictures are available in my FB okay. Can't wait for the trip to Gold Coast soon!!=))

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