Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kiama::Nowra::Two Fig Winery

Good Afternoon diary,

I just had my breakfast!!a piece of strawberry cheese cake and a glass of apple juice..yummie!!yeah,yeah..i know it's time for lunch..but i forgot to take my breakfast this morning as I was busy concentrating on bibik's chores.hehe..every Sunday is the day where I become bibik at my own house..=)) Well,I would like to share with you a very interesting thing today..If this is too long, I will consider continuing it til tomorrow..ehehe..

I spent my Saturday by exploring sooo many places and things yesterday..and it was a real exciting and exhilarating experience that I can keep in my memory..There were 5 people altogether in the trip; Fendy, Fathul, K.Mas, Wana, and myself of course.. :p We rented a car for 24hours which cost us $60..Fortunately, we were given chance to ride in Australian national car, Holden Commodore Cruze that made our journey became very comfortable and cosy..

Australian Holden Commodore Cruze

We started our tour by visiting Kiama Blowhole, which is located roughly about 120km from Sydney.. This is the place where we can see the blowhole spray water in the air in quantities that thoroughly drench any bystanders. This happens under certain sea conditions..The word Kiama is derived from an aboriginal word, which means, "where the seas make noise"..If you want to know more about it, you can google for the information okay..=)) Just have a quick look to the pictures attached below so that you can see how beautiful is the place..

Witnessing the ocean blowing up the hole

Great scenery of a well-structured rock stone

Then, we continue our journey to Nowra Wildlife Park, which is the largest native animal park on the NSW South Coast..Our main target is to see Kangaroo and Koala bear as they are the trademark of Australia. And we were very lucky because we get there just in time before the Koala Show starts.. Just like visiting Zoo Taiping in Malaysia, I had fun playing with the animals inside there..

Me and the lazy koala

Feeding the kangaroo

As we are heading down to Berry town, we stopped by at TwoFig Winery and have a close look to the farm where the grapes in producing wine is planted..Check it out!!=))

Grape's farm

A place where everybody can relax

Lunch at Berry Park

I think that's enough for now..I will continue my story with other interesting things later..catch up with you again then!!=))

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