Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy!!! =))


Hye dear!!!I'm soooo happy today... Finally I manage to come out with the solutions like what my beloved spv wants..I've been struggling doing this assignment over and over again for the past few weeks.. and I thought that it will take me forever to come out with that solution..Alhamdulillah today I made it..Now I believe what Kak Ean told me before, if you are in a great difficulties that no one can help, just tell Allah swt..He'll definitely listen to you and help you in any possible way..Thanks Allah..

Okay,let me share with you my solution..If you don't understand a bit about it, just keep one eye close..U know dat I love sharing with you rite..hehehe...*bodek* =))

This is the result that Prof Tim wants me to get

Here is my very own result
Can't you see the similiraties between the above graphs??u better say yess!!!if not I'm going to bite u!!teeheee..gila lah..i know both graphs look slightly different..but what's crucial here is the characteristic of the graphs..He used Fortran to get his solution..but I used different type of programming..but dun worry, I'm not going to discuss much about it as I know u'll end up sleeping right in front of me.hehehe..

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