Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dear Diary,
It has been raining,raining and raining again all day..and you know what happen to me during rainy day rite..It's not like I hate the!no!I just don't like the feeling inside my heart whenever I see the fresh cold water pouring from the sky..For me, falling raindrops are depicted as teardrops..Why??maybe because in my mind, I imagine that raindrops are like "teardrops-shaped" it true??hmm...The answer for the above question is WRONG!ehehe..okay,let me share something with you..when I was looking at the raindrops outside of my window just now, I asked myself what is the shape of them?Then I started googling for the information and I found something new for me..and might be for others too..hehe..

Well, fyi, small raindrops are nearly I need to explain how spherical looks like??No rite..I know my diary boy is clever enough..=)) Larger raindrops become increasingly flattened on the bottom..just imagine like my favourite "Spicy Chicken McDeluxe" from, they look like burgers..and very large ones are in the form of parachutes..

Raindrops with spherical-shaped

(photo courtesy from )

For some people, rain metaphorically has a sad and negative implication in comparison to the bright happy sunlight..However, looking at the other side, rain can also bring joy as they are soothing or we can enjoy the artistic appeal of it..But for me, I look at the bright side of the rain..appreciating the great creation of The Al-Mighty..Thanks Allah..

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