Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday Wish

Dear Diary,

I talked to my BF last night..and it was not a very smooth conversation tho..I don't know why I keep crying while talking to him..I told you earlier that I was soo sad being alone on a special day for me rite..I told him the same thing, hoping that he will understands..of course he did understands..thank you love..

But then, he said something..making me realize that I am very weak all this while as I rely too much on other people..(people here means my family and him only)..xtau kenape..manja sgt kot..Having heard that, I told myself to be emotianally powerful after this..I know that it's real hard for me since I was showered with double extra loves and tenderness since I was born 24 years ago..But I have to learn from now on..and this will be my birthday wish for this year indeed..Do pray for me kay my dear diary..

Dear love,
You're real special to me..
I realize that I can't do much without you..
But I promise myself not to be too dependent on you..
I'll try my best to be stronger and wiser as well..
Thanks for everything..
I love you soo much..and the love is even more now..

p/s: Note on my birthday:
  1. I got a very cute bithday present from my officemate, Pearl today..thanks a lot!!=) =)
  2. One more thing, I've got myself H1N1 vaccin's like a birthday present for myself..good precaution..=)

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