Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dear Diary,

I am writing this while nervously waiting for the clock to turn into 12am in a couple of hours. It means that I'll officially be 24 yo this year..And I don't know why am I crying right now..Feeling soo sad..being away from my loved ones I guess..This is the first time in my life celebrating my birthday all alone..Before this, there will always be people that I love around me..If it is not my family, I'll have my BF with me..and I also had experience celebrating with my beloved friends..

My teary eyes

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But now,I'm alone...It's not like I don't have friends here..No!No!There are lots of lovely people around me..It's just that they don't realize my birth date..yeah,I just met them for a few months and they still don't know much about me..same goes to me..I don't know much about them either..It doesn't really matter anyway..

Stop crying dearest heart..You're not alone..Always remember that..

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