Monday, November 23, 2009

Thirroul Beach,Bald Hill, Stanwell Park,Luna Park

Dear diary,

As I promised yesterday, I'm going to update you about the places that I went to during my weekend getaways on Saturday. After we had our lunch at town of Berry, we proceed our journey to Sydney..But we stopped at a few places along the way before we reach Sydney..

First, we stopped at Thirroul beach..before that we bought ourselves drinks from Gloria Jeans Coffee and enjoy the refreshments that have been prepared by Wana; cheesecake..yummie!!=)) We spent nearly one hour there enjoying the view of the coast..

Then we go to Bald Hill, Stanwell Park and watched people doing activities like hand-gliding and paragliding..If only I'm not afraid of height, I'll probably grab the chance to do activities like that to..

After that, we headed to Sydney and had our dinner at Malacca Straits Restaurant which is located at Broadway..I didn't eat much coz I was still full with the foods from our tea time..Then, we decided to go to Luna Park and spend sometimes playing there..

On our way back to Wollongong, we stopped at Rockdale 24hours McD and eat ice-cream eventhough all of us were shivering because of the cold wind.hehe..xpe,yg penting seronok!! That's the end of our journey..Hope to have a wonderful trip again next time..=))

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