Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend getaway as a refreshing break


Happy Monday everyone! Haaa, I know ramai yang tak berapa semangat bila masuk hari Isnin ni lepas bercuti dua hari kan? But, whether we like it or not, we still need to go through it till the end. So, put aside all the blues and let's start this week with a positive and more inspirational spirits, shall we?

Anyway, here is something I did over the weekend. Me and husband went for a quick getaway in our own city, Penang Island! :) Walaupun duduk di negeri Pulau Pinang, tapi jarang sangat kitorang ke pulau kalau takde apa-apa hal. Dekat seberang ni pun dah cukup semua benda. Tapi, memandangkan my uncle ada bagi complimentary voucher for an overnight stay at Hydro Hotel, Batu Feringghi as a wedding present, so we think this might be a good chance for us to do something interesting without having to go too far.

So, Sabtu lepas, kitorang keluar rumah dalam pukul 11am macam tu and we went straight to the island. Traffic didn't flow very well though that day sebab kitorang kena tunggu lama jugak masa nak naik ferry tu. But we still could bare with that since we didn't have anything to rush for. Dalam pukul 12 lebih tu kitorang dah sampai Georgetown, but we still have almost 3 hours to kill before check-in time. 

Inside Penang Ferry. Transport yang boleh tahan legend.
Tudung penyek, rambut pun penyek akibat angin yang kuat. :)

The first Penang Bridge and Pulau Jerejak can be viewed from the ferry.

Penang Island metropolitan city.

So we decided to go to Gurney Plaza for a movie tapi takde timing yang sesuai untuk cerita yang kitorang nak tengok. Then we went around looking for Baskin n Robin for a cup of nice ice-cream, rupa-rupanya takde BnR lah pulak kat situ. What a bummer. T__T Bila dah takde idea apa nak makan, we ended up eating an Oldtimer Burger Set from Chilis.

Husband, burger and chips.

From there, we straight away went to the hotel to check in. Hydro Hotel ni betol-betol dekat depan Miami Beach, Batu Feringghi. The location is very strategically placed, and the hotel itself is not too bad. Spacious room, nice balcony view, huge swimming pool, and a big variety of breakfast. Cuma perabot dalam bilik je yang old school sikit, the rest are awesome.

Not bad right? :)

I bumped into my uncle (who gave me this voucher) and he happened to check into the hotel too.
And these girls are my cousin. :)

Lepas asar kitorang jalan-jalan sekitar hotel and then terus lintas jalan pergi Miami Beach. Am beli cendol dengan kopok lekor, pastu lepak atas batu tengok orang mandi manda. haha. I have always love beaches, (Australian beaches to be exact), tapi kali ni lagi bermakna sebab boleh menikmati keindahan laut yang luas tu dengan suami sendiri.

Me and him. Admiring the ocean right in front of us.

We waited until sunset, and that was when I found out that no matter which part of the world we are at, watching the sun going down below the horizon, will automatically connect us to the Almighty, and we know exactly who to thank to. All praises go to Allah SWT for another wonderful day we were given chance to breath with our beloved ones on our side. That's the ultimate feeling, Alhamdulillah.

When the sun is setting down. Beautiful. Very very beautiful.

Goodbye dear Sun. I will see you again tomorrow.



aimy said...

ada hantu tak???hehehehheh

amirah said...


mana ada babe!! tak pun tidoq tak hengat tak sedar pun apa2. hahaha. :p