Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snowy Mt Trip:: Day 2

Dear diary,

On 31st July 2010, we went up to Mount Perisher as early as 7.30am. We were very lucky because that is the time when Perisher received it's great snow falls during the week. Perisher is Australia's largest skiing resort. Masa sampai tu belom ramai orang sgt lagi, so kitorang main la sepuas hati. From skiing to snowboarding, we tried them all. Jatuh tergolek-golek jangan cerita la kan. Nasib la snow tu lembut, kalau tidak memang tak nampak rupa dah agaknya semua orang. Lebam sini sana. hehehe.
Muka excited saye.hehehe..:p

Snow started to fall

Mula-mula I ingat taknak naik snowboard tu. Tapi bila fikir balik, tak datang dah rasanya tempat ni next year, so belasah je la naik. It was fun indeed!! Give me a couple more times, I think I will be able to ride on it gracefully. chewahhh!!hehehe.. Bukan takat I jatuh tergolek, siap langgar orang lagi tau. Nasib la kan. But snowboarding is much more harder then skiing. If you have chance, try both of them okay. You are not gonna regret. Trust me!! Now look at how I learn riding on a snowboard and ended up crashing somebody who was skiing.hehehe..:p

Mula mula memang orang kene papah. Sumpah I tak reti nak jalan sendiri.

Mula nak balance kan badan sendiri

Balancing sudah lari.

Alamak, tergolek jugak akhirnya. Sorry la bro.huhu..:p

Bila dah main snow, acara wajib yg tak bole tinggal mestila buat snowman kan. Eh, memandangkan dia pakai my scarf dgn my sunglasses, kita panggil snowgirl la ye.hehe. Lepas dah puas main dekat ski area tu, kitorang pegi main taboggan pulak. It was snowing very very heavily that time. I was trembling but still have the courage to ride on the taboggan going down the hill.hehe. We spent about 6hours playing snow at Perisher. I couldn't have more, otherwise I will die in coldness. Memang tak best langsung bila snow turun dengan lebat. Pedih mata, muka semua cukup. I ended up sitting in our car, in front of the heater, trembling.

My snowgirl..=))


Video I naik taboggan..:p

Lepas semua dah puas main, we left Perisher at about 2pm. We stopped at a beautiful rest area along the way down the mountain to have our lunch. We stopped once again at Jindabyne for a coffee break before went back to our farmstay. It was still early when we arrived. So we decided to go for a walk at the farm. I mentioned that I had no idea how does a farmstay looks like before this rite? There were horses, bulls, cows, donkeys, alpacas, goose, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, dogs, etc. Macam dekat zoo pun ada tau. Living there will give you such a memorable value that you will never forget. Have fun looking at the farm pictures okay..

Lunch at a beautiful creek at Mount Perisher

Lepas dah puas jalan2 dekat ladang, malam tu kitorang ade bbq session. Kashfi buat spaghetti bolognaise, Krol buat mushroom soup, Farizal dgn Abg Sham handle bbq chicken and frankfurters, I dengan Kak Emy pusing-pusing tengok diorang masak.hehehe. Best gila bila diorang volunteer nak buat semua tu. We had dinner at 8pm. Lepas tu tgk movie lagi. Tepat pukul 10pm, semua orang pengsan!!! Awal gila kan!! Memang penat gila lepas seharian main snow dengan jalan2 melawat ladang.

Kash and Krol memasak

Farizal and Abg Sham buat bbq

Our dinner; bbq chicken, frankfurters, mushroom soup, spaghetti bolognaise, garlic bread. Yummiee!!!

p/s: Memang best sebenarnya bila dapat experience main snow ni. But for me, I still love Malaysian weather to the max. Somehow, looking at the pure white snow sometimes makes me wonder, where does the white go when the snow melts? Hmmm~~ I don't expect a scientific answer here. It is just fun to let the question lingers..=))

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