Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Musim bunga datang lagi

Dear diary,

I wasn't feeling very well since yesterday. Demam and selsema. Kenapa? Rindu kot?hehe. No lah, bila nak masuk Spring macam ni la keadaannya. People normally get bad hay fever during this season. Maybe because of the grass pollen. I also heard people who suffer from hay fever may develop allergic asthma as well, although the asthma attacks often occur later in the pollen season and continue after pollen counts have fallen. I hope mine won't get any worse.huhu. Aminn..

Spring --> Flower --> Pollen --> Hay Fever --> Sick Amirah!! :(

The symptoms to hay fever are runny nose, itchy eyes, and sore throat. And I got all that. Tersiksa jiwa raga malam tadi. So, sebelum tido, I makan vitamin C 3 bijik, lepas tu berbungkus dalam quilt sampai tutup kepala semua, then I pun tido dgn bahagianya, pukul 10pagi baru bangun. Tu pun sebab dengar ade orang buat construction jalan kat luar. Kalau tak mesti I sambung lagi. Ei, apa nak jadi anak dara bangun tengahari ni. ish3. But what to do, my body asked me for some more rest..:p Harapnye cepat2 la baik. Nak balik beraya ni. Takmau la sakit2 pulak.huhu.

Btw, in conjunction with our the 53rd Independence Day today, I would like to extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to my beloved country. Hopefully Malaysia could be a nation that will be stronger and prosperous for all citizens. After more than a year of being abroad, I found myself to be so proud to let people know that I'm from Malaysia. And I believe other Malaysians will feel the same way too. Saya sayang negara saya. Takmau dok sini lama lama. Cukup masa, saya mau cabuttt!!=))

p/s: Hari ni hari terakhir musim sejuk. Esok musim bunga dah nak mula. I love spring because this is the time when colourful flowers start blooming. Cantik!!=))

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