Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jatuh cinta lagi

Hai dear,

I presented myself a little bit earlier than usual at my workplace today. Konon-kononnya rajin sikit la.hehe. Apparently, there actually a reason for that. Guess what? Tim came looking for me at my office. I was a little but surprised, no, real surprised upon seeing him at the door. We are not scheduled for a meeting only until tomorrow. But earlier today, he came to see me bringing a bombshell with him.

"Hi Amirah, I think I haven't seen you for quite a while". (baru je jumpa Jumaat lepas dia dah cakap lama tak jumpa T__T ). "Well, I have something interesting for you. I want you to read this article about the interaction of the nanoparticles with the Carnahan-Staring formula. It seems to be the latest research field considering a spatial solitary waves. I believe you can learn a lot from here and we could figure out something that would be interesting for you".

Aduhhh!!! Terus rasa macam nak pitam lepas dengar dia cakap. Topik baru? He also mentioned to put things that I'm currently working on aside, and concentrate on the new topic. Okay, I hope he is not kidding me on this. After halfway through the current research, I started to fall in love with it and understand it, and now he's asking me to change into something more 'interesting'. Gosh, seems like I have to start everything all over again. Reading, finding analytical solution, configuring the numerical solution and see whether both solutions match. It is a really tough job, you know.

So, later in the day, I sat down, skimming through the new article, thinking on what to do next. Hmm, maybe Tim is right. This research is something fresh and the application is also very wide. Actually, this is not something TOTALLY new for me. No! I still have to work on nonlinear waves. The only different now is I need to concentrate on optical waves rather that water waves that I have been working on before this. So, with new courage, I started looking for suitable references that are related to this paper. Alhamdulillah, I got everything listed in the bibliograpy to make my reading easier. Permulaan yang baik..=)

p/s: You have to prepare your mind on any possibility that might arise all the way through your candidature period. Hmm, nampaknya kena pujuk diri supaya jatuh cinta kepada topik baru ni..Semoga berjaya Amirah!! =))

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