Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gembirakan hatiku

Hye dear!!

What a laid-back weekend I had this week. I filled my Saturday settling the house-chores, washing everything in my bedroom. Things that you normally do when Eid is peeking through the corner of the other month. Nasib baik ada hari raya, kalau tak, berzaman la nak tunggu langsir, cadar, sarung kusyen nak pegi masuk dalam mesin basuh sendiri kan.hehe.. Selagi mak tak bising, selagi tu la takde sape nak ambik peduli. Tapi tu la yang bestnya bila raya dah dekat, masing-masing ada tugas sendiri. The feeling is very beautiful indeed, seeing all your siblings cooperating, transforming the house into the most comforting ambiance, to welcome Aidil Fitri. I missed that last year, but not this time around.

You know what, I made my very own tiramisu cake last night. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds simple, but to someone who is really not into cooking very lately, it is such a great achievement.. Ni semua sebab makan tiramisu yang K.Aishah kasi, lepas tu terus google cara nak buat. I dengan tamaknya siap buat dua bancuhan.hehehe..:p Yeay!! Tak sabar nak balik buat kat rumah raya ni. Owh, two more weeks to go before I could be in my hometown Penang. Can't hardly wait!!=))

Homemade tiramisu
(photo courtesy

Then today, I spend the whole day reading, Slightly Settled by Wendy Markham. Hmm, I could say that it is a book to curl up with on the bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Okay, I got it, I should have been finishing the article that Tim gave me three days ago. But I just can't help it. Hey, it is Sunday, give me a break! Well, I know this is just another way of self-sabotaging (from becoming a successful research student). But I do believe this is how a normal person lives their life, don't you? Wait, hold it right there Amirah, what the hell are you thinking? Ooops!! Okay, I promise I will continue reading the article tomorrow.. Peringatan, bila tertekan baca academic writings, macam ni la jadinya. Jangan risau, tekanan ni bersifat sementara.

p/s: Apa kaitan tajuk dengan entry kali ni? Sebab salah satu maksud tiramisu dalam bahasa venetian (Itali) adalah gembirakan hatiku. And the tiramisu cake really made my day.. Suddenly I remember the one that Mr Bf asked Wan (my bestie) to buy on our 5th anniversary.. I started to fall in love with it since then.. Thanks to him and her for such beautiful surprise..=))

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