Thursday, August 1, 2013

The night of power


Hai semua! Lama tak tanya khabar kan? Tup-tup dah masuk bulan August, minggu depan pulak dah nak raya. I pun taktau nak define perasaan nak sambut raya ni macam mana. Seronok tu seronok la, but I think there are so many things that I missed in this Ramadhan especially towards the very end of it. :(

Sometimes I think I have so many sins that are holding me to move forwards. I know right away that this is the best time to get them forgiven. Okay, I have a couple more days to go, I should really make full use out of it. I. Know. That. I. Have. To.

Kalau ada lagi permintaan kita yang tak dikabulkan Allah, jangan berhenti untuk terus berdoa. He knows when is the best time to grant us with whatever we ask from Him. I have sooo many things in the list and I will keep coming back to him, and repent unto him sincerely as much as possible.

Now we are left with the last 6 nights of Ramadhan, and what better opportunity to make long and sincere dua to Allah right? Who knows if we make dua every night we might be lucky enough to make it in the night of power where all duas are accepted. InsyaAllah. :)

Seeking out Lailatul Qadar


What I am afraid the most is, if I'm gonna leave all the good habits as soon as Ramadhan finishes. Sepatutnya amalan yang baik-baik ni kena buat sepanjang masa. Ramadhan ni buka peluang untuk kita get closer to Allah, and we shouldn't stop doing that even when it comes to the end. 

May all the changes in this Ramadhan continue that way throughout the year. 

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