Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend getaway. Where is next? :p


Well helloooo everybody. I'm back. But yeahh, this time I'm back to tell you that I'm gonna be away AGAIN over the weekend. :) Hmm, where to this time?

  1. Orang cakap tempat ni macam open air museum sebab boleh kata hampir keseluruhan bandar adalah tinggalan sejarah and will remain to be ancients forever.
  2. This place is listed as one of the most photogenic cities in the world. I still have no idea how true is that. Let me verify the fact myself in the next few days.
  3. It is also one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in Europe and referred to as "The Eternal City". Hmm, I think this is the plus point why we must include this place in our must visit.

Sooo, dah banyak clue dah bagi tu. Perhaps you can guess already? 
Okay, let me just go straight to the answer. 

I'm going to visit the perfect place for honeymoon and travel destination none other than 


We are flying from Vienna, transit in Zurich, and then, Rome here we come!!

The places that we plan to check out.
If time and weather permit and most importantly, dengan izin Allah SWT. :)

So I think that's merely something about my weekend getaway this time.
Wait for more updates from me okayy. 
I will surely come back to share stories about the ancient Romans.
Pray for my safe and interesting journey!
See you next week.
Tata! :)


dieya said...

enjoy rome! boy does it bring back memories...
beware of snatch thieves on mopeds. lebih kurang mcm peragut naik kapcai kat msia juga.

amirah said...


Yes we did!! Rome memang sangat best and adventurous jugak!! Semua okay alhamdulillah. We had a great time! :) And thanks to you sebab buat review yg sangat best!! Kitorang tinggal follow je. :)

MyraMN said...

Gosh... Baru lps review yr post pasal Rome.. OK now kene masukkan Rome dlm list utk honeymoon. Baru ingat nak pergi Bora-Bora Island.... :(