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Good morning diary..I mentioned that I wanted to start writing yesterday rite..Honestly,i didn't.sighs..but I did some reading on modulation theory and i managed to cover 2 articles. It is better than nothing rite (ayat menyedapkan hati)..hehe..But today I will continue reading the remaining 4 articles and summarize each of them before I can start writing on this topic..=)

Another thing is, I didn't join the aerobic dance class that I told you I would yesterday. It was not because I don't want to..I swear!!I was really excited to go only until I realize that I forgot to wear my sport shoes to the office yesterday..double sighs...How can you join a sport activity without a proper attire rite.I brought pink baby-tee, black tight (which is suitable for aerobic dance), hair-band, minus sport shoes..haish..what a life. When we really want to do something, there'll always be another thing that'll be the obstacle..nvm, I'll still have class on Thursday..
My shoes that I forgot to wear with slightly different colour
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Owh, back to the title for my entry today. LADY..It is a polite way of saying "woman". The word is usually reffered to a title that is used before the name of a woman who has a high position. Eg: Lady Diana. Well, last night I watched a reality TV program; Ladette to Lady (Aussie). For ur information a ladette is loud, foul-mouthed and uncultured young women, who like to drink and smoke and who are often sexually promiscious.

Example of a well groomed lady. Late Lady Diana Spencer

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In this program, a few ladettes (8 of them in last night's show) are given 5-week course on how to behave like a traditional lady. I do not want to discuss more about the classes since it will take forever to describe on how did they behave at the beginning. I will only focus on one particular thing. Okay, a laddete had been scolded because she was caught hugging a man and kissing him like they owned this world while they're at the middle of a cocktail party. The principal said, "A lady will NEVER, EVER put her arm around a man and kiss him like mad. It is simply disgusting". What I want to highlight here that, it is not only in Islam that we are prohibited to do that, but also in other cultural behaviours too. WHY?? I just want to share this and I will leave the rest for you to think..=)

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