Monday, October 19, 2009


Good afternoon Mr Diary,

I just reached my office at 11.30am and for your information I walked to the uni today..Yes,walking under the bright sun!!hehe..but of course I used my favourite purple umbrella to protect me from skin pigmentation. It was not really far tho..the distance between my new house and the uni is roughly about 2km and it takes only 15mins of walking. Not very bad rite..It's just that when you have to walk in the middle of extra bright sunlight when everybody is trying to catch the bus seems quite out of usual..

Actually, I waited for the bus at 10.50am this morning hoping to catch the 10 after 11 ride. Exactly at 11.10am, I saw my favourite green Gong bus coming and get ready standing by the roadside waiting for the bus to turn to the bus stop where I was waiting. Unfortunately, the driver didn't stop at the station where I was waiting and leave me behind. sighs...But I can't blame the driver because it is very obvious that the bus was full and it is wrong for him to squeeze extra passengers inside the bus. Then, I decided to walk instead of waiting for another 20mins for the next bus to come. This is the reason why I turned out to be late today..=)

Route map for my favourite free shuttle Gong Bus
(photo courtesy from

I really want to start writing today but I don't know where to start.. (writing here means my research stuffs not the one that I am doing rite now)..hehe.. I know that I have lots of things to write but I haven't even start yet. Let me make a list here so that next time I can just check on this page..

  1. Modulation theory (Modulation equations for KdV equation to be exact)
  2. Dispersive relation
  3. Numerical solution of KdV equation (4th order Runge Kutta and Central Difference Method)
  4. Initial Boundary value Problem for KdV Equation (Modified,extended,etc...)
Actually I have more things to be included in the list but these are the most important ones. I hope that I will have the courage to cover all and at least come out with something that I can be proud of by next week.. Amiinn..

"The only way to be better in writing is by writing itself "

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