Monday, April 9, 2012

How I spent my Easter holiday :)

Hai everyone! 

I'm still in my holiday mood up until now. Tak banyak study pun 2-3 hari ni. Guling-guling sambil baca journal, lepas setengah jam, sudahnya journal telangkup atas muka, dia yang baca aku. Grrrr!! ;O

Ni semua salah public holiday! Siapa suruh buat cuti masa mood belajar tengah tinggi. Now bila mood dalam keadaan free gear, tak bergerak ke mana-mana, mampus lah aku nak kena bertungkus-lumus masuk gear 1 balik sebelum pelan-pelan dapat sampai gear 5. Way to go girl!

Ohh you know what, I spent most of the time at home re-watching How I Met Your Mother. Apesal tiap-tiap kali tengok pun musti gelak punya huh? Addictive betol la series tu. huhu. 

So here is a little summary on what I did during the break.

Easter Sunday

Lepas balik Dapto, lepak dekat jetty somewhere around Berkeley sambil makan ice cream. Beautiful place it is. Very beautiful.

The jetty
Awan berarak pilu dekat belakang tu. hihi.

Geng Dapto yang tinggal

Easter Shopping

I'm usually not a big fan of any designer bag (to me they are always a wee bit too overrated). But this time, when I think the price is very much worth it, then I said to myself, why not? =)

So now I know Easter adalah satu masa yang sesuai untuk shopping other than Boxing Day. But I wonder if there will still be any Easter sale for me next year? Hmmm.

Not all of these are mine :p
Siapa nak pesan kena tunggu next year punya sale. Berbaloi-baloi.

So that's all I could tell about my short break I guess. I pronounce my Easter break has now officially ended. Gotta go to bed early tonite and start my day the earliest possible tomorrow. Goodnight everybody!