Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another remarkable birthday to remember

Assalamualaikum semua,

So today is my husband's birthday. His 29th. Embarking upon a journey of 29 years of life that is always full with challenge. I have known him for so many years until now, and just by being himself, he will always be the prince of my dreams that I always wanted, no matter what happen.

In terms of celebration, there's is nothing much I could do especially when I am at a new place. I don't even know where to find a decent birthday cake for him. Tengok la nanti kalau pusing-pusing jumpa cake yang okay boleh la beli. Tapi kalau takde, a nice home-cook dinner will also do I suppose. :)

So yesterday I just bought a simple birthday card for him and slipped the card into his bag earlier this morning without notice. Ohh speaking of getting a card, it was yet another challenge that I have to undergo especially when I don't understand any single Germany word. Masa sampai kat kedai, mata pusing-pusing tengok semua birthday cards tulis bahasa German. Dangggg!! I should do some research before I come here. T__T

It's okay, I took it easy. Bila tengok dekat rak tu I notice semua kad ada tulis "Geburtstag". At least I can guess that must means Birthday. Tapi korang tau la kan, kad-kad semua tu kan depa susun untuk son la, dad la, grandfather la. Nak pilih yang ayat yang bunga-bunga memang takkkk laaaa. Buatnya maksud dia lain mampoihhh. (@_@)

So I settled with a very simple and I think quite general birthday wishes, yang sesuai untuk semua. Then kalau dalam tu nak tambah apa-apa suka hati la. Nak tulis tulisan jawi ka bahasa arab pun bolehh. hehe. I hope he has found the card by now and nanti bila tengok je card bahasa German tu dia boleh ingat yang we celebrate his 29th birthday in Austria together. :)

A very simple birthday card! It says:
"Live, Love, Laugh. Warm Wishes for Birthday."

So dear, if you have received the card, I just want you to know that words in any language can't simply describe what I really feel about you. I can never thank you far enough for everything you have done to me. And most importantly I can never be able to thank Allah SWT for lending me a husband like you that I will keep loving until Jannah, InsyaAllah. 

Thank you so much baby and may your every wish come true.
Happy 29th Birthday, Dear Husband!

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