Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Home sweet home


Hai everyone! How are you doing? I'm good Alhamdulillah. Harapnya semua orang pun sihat jugak ye. Well, as I told you in my previous entry, I am already back in Malaysia! Having to live abroad for a while taught me so many things. From the smallest to the largest, I totally appreciate everything.

Bila jejak je kaki dekat Malaysia, I was greeted by the most shocking news, about the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, MH 370. Sebenarnya, pagi sebelum kitorang bertolak dari Vienna, my husband told me about it. But you know, I thought it was only a rumour. Zaman sekarang kan tak semua benda yang kat internet tu boleh betol-betol percaya.

Lagi pulak I nak kena go through a total of 17 hours of journey from Vienna to Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. The unwelcome news like a missing plane really freaked me out! So I chose not to think too much about it, and continued my journey as nothing had happened. Alhamdulillah we completed our trip back to Malaysia safe and sound, and here I am, writing from my very own home sweet home. :)

Tapi, bila dah sampai sini, the news that I first thought was only a rumour, is actually shockingly true! And sampai hari ni (hari ke-12), takde satu positive evidence pun yang boleh lead the search and rescue teams in finding the missing plane. It remains a mystery up until today. Padahal segala teknologi canggih yang ada kat dunia ni dah disalurkan, tapi still takde berita lagi. Hmm, sedih kan? :(

My deepest sympathy goes to the families of the passengers on board, tapi selagi takde berita apa-apa pasal kehilangan MH370 tu, rasanya harapan masih ada. Keep on praying, sebab takde satu pun zarah di muka bumi ni yang di luar pengetahuan Allah SWT. He knows it all. Dia cuma nak kita mintak, mintak and mintak, terus dekatkan diri kita dengan Dia.

Okay lah, this is just a warm up entry. Hopefully I will have time to come back with more interesting stories. I owe you a write up on my final visit while I was still in Europe. InsyaAllah nanti I tulis dekat sini okay. Till then, have a nice week ahead people. And please, teruskan berdoa segala musibah yang menimpa negara kita akan berakhir secepat mungkin okay? :)

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