Saturday, July 9, 2011

LOVE STORY: 8th Anniversary

After a year, now I am back to continue the sequel of my personal LOVE STORY. The tale of Amri & Amirah after 8 meaningful years of cruising through the ocean of our love.

Our love story.
Starring: Amri (him) and Amirah (her)

2011 marks the year that we both have been very very busy with our own personal works and life. If before this, we never missed to talk to each other EVERY SINGLE DAY. But this year, there were times when we don't even have chance to say a short hello for a few consecutive days. It doesn't sound really good, isn't it? But for us, things don't change a bit. Maybe the routine did changed, but not our love.

This year also requires us to make a few important decisions that will literally effect our future. Be it decisions regarding to our relationship or anything about our personal working life, there are really a lot to be discussed about. Hopefully these decisions are the best that have been destined for us.

We last met on 27th November 2010 on my short holiday back to Malaysia. It means that we haven't seen each other for more than 7 months since then. The longest for the record. And I guess the numbers will keep on increasing until I am not quite sure when. I hope the countings will stop soon. Very soon.

The day when we last met. 27th November 2010.

You have no idea how hard it is to not knowing when will be the next date that we are going to see each other. But I guess there are reasons for this. I believe in that. Being thousands of miles apart from each other is really a challenge, but we survived. Alhamdulillah.

May this love story continues again next year. Until the knot between us is officially tied. Till then, do pray for us. Semoga ada jodoh antara kami. Amin.

May happiness be with us forever


fArhAnA said...

Moga Allah permudahkan sgalanya insyaallah :)

amirah said...


Aminn.. Allah yang berhak tentukan segalanya. Kita teruskan doa je dan terima semuanya dengan redha.. Anyway, thanks ye..=))

MHazrat said...

next year cpt2 kawin ok...

aimy said...

my pray to both of you.. may ALLAH bless your relationship with lots of happiness... AMIN!

amirah said...


I can't tell.. kalau jodoh dah sampai insyaAllah.. Doakan ye..=))

amirah said...


Thanks for the prayers dear.. And same goes to you. Let us pray for the best. Aminn..=))