Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six mathematician of all areas in a room


Hari ni rasa macam nak cerita pasal officemates sebab semalam ada farewell lunch dengan diorang semua. I am placed in quite a spacious room with another five amazing ladies inside. All of us are doing PhD in Mathematics but of course with different majoring.

In front of our building, Austin Keane.
From left: Preeya, Rebecca, Pearl, Me, Dianne & Bothaina

Preeya and Pearl are two petite and polite ladies from Thailand. Rebecca is originally from Philipines but she has been living in Australia since like forever. Bothaina si cantik tinggi lampai dari Libya. And Dianne a super woman from Australia.

Pearl is leaving us soon. And Dianne is going to start her work at UNSW next week. Rebecca is also approaching her finishing. Maknanya tinggal la lagi 3 orang. Hopefully yang masuk nanti semua perempuan yang best-best jugak.huhu.

We have been in the same room since we first registered, and we never had any complaint about each other. Seronok duduk satu bilik dengan semua perempuan. Sebab tak terbatas sangat. Kalau nak stayback sampai midnight pun rasa selesa.

One more thing, all of them are very understanding. Masa mula-mula sampai, I tanya baik-baik dengan diorang if I could pray inside the room, and amazingly, they are all happy about that. So, sekarang ni, bentang je sejadah kat tepi meja and solat kat situ. Easy peasy!

Me and my uni. Yes, hijau macam hutan kan.


MHazrat said...

perut boyot!!! apa kes???
nk lawan sy??? hahahahaha

amirah said...


kahkahkah. itu ilusi optik nama dia. maintain lagi okehh!! dun worry, takkan rampas takhta awak tu. :p

aishah amin said...

salam, thank you for the lovely wishes..goodluck with your preparations too!;)


amirah said...


salam sister. glad to hear from you and thanks for the well wish too..:)

suzz said...

Rebecca shoes n socks are too cute! N that lebanese lady, kak su penah terjumpa dia kat John St. and she asked me whether I am a lebanese as well! Haha!
Have a safe trip yea. Ada rejeki, we meet up :)