Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful 26th birthday abroad

Dear diary,

It seems like I have completed my 25 years of life, and today becomes the beginning of another year as a humble servant in this world. Hmm, look at how time flies~~

Well, this is my third birthday abroad. And you know what? I do feel good about that. The first was the loneliest as I barely knew anybody at that time to share the happiness with. Then, last year was something memorable having almost all close friend celebrating it with me.

And this year, another beautiful celebration has been marked. A great BIG THANK YOU to everybody who has involved. Aimi, Mala, Fatin, Ungku, Kerul, Rem and Kash. I heart you guys so much!!=))

Birthday Cake
Look at the colorful smileys. They are super cute aren't they?

Pardon my big fat and wide smile
I just can't control the happiness. ehehe.. =))

Lovelies, you guys really made my day..=))


Many many thanks for all the wishes and doas. Not forgotten the private birthday song sung for me, I appreciate that one so much. Will definitely request more after this..=))


sue. said...

ouh.....26? happy birthday kakakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

amirah said...


ye adik sayang.. i'm 26 already.. no longer young..hehehe..=))