Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here without you

Dear diary,

It is 6 o'clock in the morning and I still find myself wide awake. Hati rasa tak berapa tenang bagaikan ada sesuatu yang mencuit perasaan.

I went out with friends last night when suddenly something triggered my feelings. I tried very hard not to care, but still, I had tears rolled down my cheeks. 

Rasa macam semua serba tak kena. I grabbed a few things to buy dengan harapan boleh menghiburkan hati, somehow it didn't work very well to ease that uncontrollable feelings.

I know mental control is the best solution so far. Although the other emotion may still linger, it will fade and eventually I won't feel it that much. Hopefully.

Otw balik tu, kitorang singgah McD and I had Strawberry Hotcakes with a cup of chocolate for supper. Real strawberry sauce and a dollop of fresh yogurt make it so irresistable that I hardly can refuse.

Fake smile. hehehe.

Sambil makan tu jugak kebetulan they had this song playing on the air. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down. Fyi, this is one of my all time favourite song yang I akan dengar almost everyday kat office. Tapi I suka version yang Boyce Avenue cover. 

Favourite. Sangat-sangat. 


Wawa T said...

favo songs jugak.. version 3 doors down.. version Boyse tak pernah dengar lagi..

amirah said...


Lagu ni dah lama tapi still sedap kat telinga kan.. original version mmg best tp sekali sekala layan org lain nyanyi pun menarik gak..:)