Monday, January 23, 2012

A love is born

Dear diary,

It is his birthday today. Ohh, I should best address him as my fiance now I. I just turned 26 two months ago while he is celebrating his 27th birthday now. This makes him 9 months and 10 days older than me. Isn't that ironic? =)

I was actually planning to stay in Malaysia until today's date. Tapi malangnya semua ticket sempena Chinese New Year dah sold out. So I have got no other choice but to come back a week earlier than I planned.

Ni dah masuk tahun yang entah ke berapa kitorang tak dapat nak celebrate events sama-sama. Eh, cuba sabo sikit. Kalau dah kawen nanti sambut lah hari pape je yang nak. Hari lahir ke, hari cabut gigi ke, hari jatuh kerusi ke, ape-ape hari je pon bolehhh. 

Pendek kata boleh sambut hari special hari-hari.hehehe. Tapi kena tunggu duduk sekali lah baru boleh kan. So sekarang tengah jauh-jauh ni tak payah nak emo-emo sangat okeh! Appreciate apa yang ada..=))

I'm sorry for not being there today. I guess this is the price I need to pay when I am still a full time student living 4000++ miles away from my fiance. Hopefully this situation wouldn't have to be any much longer. 

Dear sayang, 
We may be far apart but never far enough to forget the start of a bright new relationship that lived in our hearts. I'm glad we are one step closer now. Happy Birthday! 


Wawa T said...

sabar ok.. long distance relationship memang menguji kesabaran.. wish both of you happily ever after.. :)

amirah said...


Thanks for the prayers yea.. :)