Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slightly homesick

Dear diary,

I talked to my mum all the way from home to uni just now. Macam biasalah bila dah sembang macam-macam dengan mak, then I started to miss home very badly right after we hung up our conversation. Ohh, kalau memang dah kenal I lama, masa-masa puasa and nak raya macam ni memang I akan drama sikit. Maklumla family jauh kan. hihi. But seriously, the homesickness rate increases very rapidly at this moment of time. :(

Hari tu masa skype dengan my darling babysister, Huda, she kept asking me to go back and spend Eid with my family at home. I said I can't and told her not to worry because this gonna be my final year abroad and I will be back home for goods by next year. Lepas je I cakap tahun depan kita boleh raya sama-sama, dia terus jawab, "Tahun depan kakak kan dah kawennnn!!!".

My ohh my, I must have totally forgotten and she reminded me about that. And that worries her soo much you know? For her, from next year onwards I dah tak boleh spend hari raya dengan family sendiri sebab kena balik kampung suami. Isteri kan kena ikut cakap suami? hahaha. Then I realize how innocent my sweet sister is and my heart melted by just hearing how much she's going to miss me then.

I love you, Huda!


Sophie Al-Yahya said...

Sweetnyaaaaa =)
I takde adik kecik pun..

amirah said...


Tu tandanya kena layan anak sendiri.. hehehe. :p