Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Love with Kyle

Dear Diary,

Before you ask any further, I'll answer yes, I'm in love now!! Since you're the closest person to me, I think I'll probably share the secret with you.. Hmm.. the story happened to be like this. I accidentally met him during my visit to Hanging Rock last Sunday. We bumped into each other in an artificial cave inside the Discovery Center. He was staring at me with a bizarre look when I first laid my eyes on him and I was totally puzzled when his gorgeous blue eyes struck mine. He looked tremendously handsome (or cute to be exact) in his green shirt and khaki pants. and not forgetting his red hat..hehe..

I urged myself to wave at him with a hope in my heart that he will responds. Apparently yes, he did!! He started to crawl towards me.. well, everybody including me needs to crawl inside the cave.. and I waited calmly at the end of the cave until he reached the place where I was anxiously standing waiting for him.

Suddenly, I heard someone's voice from my back saying, "Are you doin' alright in there Kyle?" and I'm pretty sure it must be a woman's voice. I turned to look at him once again when I heard him replied, "Yeah, I'm alrite mamma". in his thick Aussie accent. Owh, lucky me, it was his mama calling him. At least I knew that his name is Kyle. I put a smile on my face and started saying hello to him. We chatted a little while before my friend came, asking me to get ready to be in the bus. Then I knew that it's time for me to wave him good bye. Even-though it was only within a short period, it doesn't stop me from falling in love with him.. Till we meet again Kyle..

So, that was how the story ended.. BUT, please don't get me wrong diary boy.. You may look at the pictures below for further details and you should bear in mind that my true love would be none other than Mr-you-know-who. Yes, Faizal Amri..clever boy!!=))

The cave where I met Kyle. Yes, that's him. A LITTLE BOY.. :p

I was so excited when he started crawling towards me

Kyle malu-malu.ehehe..putih gila kot anak mat salleh nie.haishh..

Look at how adorable his smile is.
(sila abaikan mamat kat sebelah tu sbb dia yg kacau daun panggil I balik cepat.huhu..)

p/s: That is how I met Kyle, a sweet and lovely little Mr Bf, don't be mad sweetie, saya tak curang tau!!hehe..=))

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