Sunday, January 10, 2010

La Trobe Day 0

Dear diary,

I'm now writing while looking outside the window of my new cosy room in Menzies College, La Trobe University (LTU), Melbourne.. Like I told you before, I'm attending a summer course in LTU for a month.. I've been here only for a couple of hours and seems like I started to fall in love with the new welcoming atmosphere down here.. I have a feeling that I'll be enjoying every single bit of all the programs that have been planned for this summer course and try to use my time to appreciate the new ambiance to the wisest..

What I love the most is that I made friend with new people from all around Australia; Hoan from Uni of Sydney, Josh from Uni of New South Wales, Mick from Uni of Curtin, Sean from Uni of Adelaide, Prof Markus from Australian National Uni and a few more.. I'm all excited to start my class tomorrow. I hope that everything will be smooth and meaningful for me..=))

The night before the journey to Melbourne..things are not properly packed up only until 2am

Leaving Wollongong at 8am.. Thanks Laili and Ilyas..=))

While waiting for my 1035am flight at Sydney Kingsford Airport

Evening walk around Menzies College while waiting for dinner

p/s: I'll probably fall in love with the new surrounding in Melbourne..But deep inside, I think Wollongong is still the best after all..=))

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