Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kaspersky ohh Kaspersky

Hey you Mr Chronicle..

I just completed installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Pheww!! What a relief. Hopefully my dear handsome lappy is fully protected for another 365 days from now. Hey, it is very important for us to get things updated especially if you are one devoted internet user... like me! I use internet at all time; work, shop, bank, or even play online! So, you need something like this as a shield for a safe and secure internet experience.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

You know what, saya ni memang tersangat lah lembab dalam bab-bab komputer ni. I'm totally not a computer freak!! My computers are just for me to do my mathematical programming and connect me to the world using internet. That's all!! Jangan suruh I godek-godek komputer tu, lain yang jadi nanti I tak jamin okay! So, in this case, I depended a lot on Mr Bf. Dari zaman kecik-kecik lagi tau. (Hang on, kecik la sangat kan masa buat degree dulu. haha.. Perasan!). Yeah, sometimes I think he's getting sick of me being like this. Pemalas sangat nak amik tau!! Semua nak harapkan dia je. But I told him, this is why I have him with me. To comprehend all my weaknesses and help me to get over them. Betol kan?? hehe.. Bodek!!:p

But, don't you worry dear. I'll try to learn bit by bit okay. Saya mmg slow la bab-bab ni. Cuba awak suruh saya makan, mesti blom sempat awak habiskan ayat, saya dah habiskan makan dgn semangatnye. Sebab yang tu memang saya pandai..:p Ok2, kidding!! I need to learn more about everything in life. Being a doctorate student doesn't mean that I know about EVERY SINGLE THING. NO!! Banyak lagi benda yang saya kena belajar dalam hidup ni. And I'll slowly gain all that through my experience in life. Do help me okay!!=))

p/s: Dear Big Bos, thanks for all the trouble in getting me this new antivirus. I really appreciate your help. Saya rasa sampai bile2 pun saya tetap akan susahkan awak la sayang. Kene marah pun takpe la. I'm mentally prepared!! Hehe..:p

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