Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dear diary,

I talked to my mum through skype for two hours just now. Ambik kau!! Balas dendam lepas 2 minggu tak skype. Tapi phone call hampir setiap hari la. Our conversation covered from the smallest until the biggest things that happened around us. Ahhh!! Rindunya nak duduk borak dgn mak macam dulu2. We can talk for a few hours about everything without noticing how fast the time flies. That is how close me and my mother is. Rindu..rindu..rindu..=(

Out of other things that we discussed just now, I want to highlight about something here. Having the experience of buying a new property made me learn about so many things. I never knew that buying a house could cost me quite a fortune. Despite paying for the original price, we need to have at least a few extra thousands RM to compensate tedious things like insurance, lawyers & agreement, electricity & water, simple renovation, and basic utilities. It costs me more than 10K for all the extras. Gosh!! I thought buying a house is trouble-free. Now I know that it is not that easy though.

Primrose, Bertam Perdana, Phase 3, Kepala Batas, Penang

Floor plan of my house

I'm sure that you have no idea on what I'm rambling about rite? Sorry about that. Okay, let me explain. I bought a house in Bertam Perdana, Kepala Batas, Penang since 2years ago. A single-storey-terraced house. Alhamdulillah, it is now ready for a living. Actually, I don't have plan to stay there. It is just as an asset for my future and the house is meant for rental. I bought it at the price of RM138K for 25years of loan. I started paying my housing loan at the age of 23. Meaning that I'll do the payment until I'm 48years old. Hahahaha. Gila!! Silap-silap dah anak 6 dah masa tu tapi rumah dok tak habis bayar lagi. Tapi apa nak buat kan. Kalau tak beli sekarang, bila lagi? huhu..

I choose simple design like this and it costs me around RM3K for the complete set. Crazy!

For those who have plan to buy a new house, once you obtain your house key, please prepare at least RM3000 to pay your lawyer who's going to manage everything about your housing loan. Then, you require at least RM2000 for housing insurance. You also need to pay for the electricity and water which will cost around RM1000. For a simple renovation like grills (main and back doors, window, sliding doors), lamps, fans and a few other things, they will cost you around RM3-5000. Look at how much you have to pay for simple and basic things like these. And there goes my RM10K. Total disaster!! Garu kepala jugak bila dengar mak cakap harga semua ni. Mana nak cekau duit?? Uwaaaa!! Alamatnya habis la duit dalam tabung badak saye yg tak berapa nak gemok tu..=((

HOWEVER, I felt so relief cause I don't need to pay all these in one whole bunch. Thanks to my mum for making my life easier. She already paid half of the amount and I'll pay the rest. Then I'll do the payment to her every month. Haruslah bayar balik, mana bole free je amik duit mak okay. Phewwww!! Lega gila dengar bila mak offer nak tolong bayar dulu. Terima kasih mak sebab tolong Mirah. Kalau tak mesti Mirah terkontang-kanting taktau nak buat apa pasal nak beli rumah ni. Maklumla budak lagi. Huhu.. When I came to think about this, I'm so grateful to have a mother who works in banking area. So, she knows exactly how to handle financial things like this. Thanks heaps Mak!! I love you..=))

p/s: Alhamdulillah dah ada orang nak sewa rumah tu. Ringan sikit beban nak bayar hutang tiap2 bulan. Susah rupanya proses beli rumah ni. huhu. If you have chance, start buying property at your young age okay. Treat it as an asset. The price increases every year. You are not going to regret. trust me!!=))

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