Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mental Conversation

Assalamualaikum Encik Diari,

I have something on my mind rite now. But I don't know how to spill the guts here. Failure in expressing thoughts happens all the time I guess. This is the point where everybody starts to have mental conversation with him/her self. Ha, one more thing, I noticed that journaling seems to be the most popular technique for becoming conscious of our self-talk at the moment. So, I'm on the right track I suppose!!=))

One thing that I like about self-talking, I can simply change the thing I say to myself into something that I'd like to believe that would make me feel better. Interesting rite?? hehe.. I believe that we can always try do as much as we can on our own. But remember, if you run into painful things, find somebody to talk to okay. Cause you can't change EVERYTHING on your own.

I think it's alrite if we want to talk to ourself. If others think you are nuts because you talk to yourself, perhaps it would be good if you have the internal dialogue more quietly. Senang cerita, jangan cakap kuat2 lah. Cuak gak kalo lalu sebelah orang yg tgh cakap sorang2. Silap haribulan free je kene hentak baru padan muka.. hehe..

Kalau nampak orang jalan pakai t-shirt camni, sila jalan jauh2 sikit okay..:p

p/s: Cukupppp Amirah!! Cukup untuk serious-talk buat hari ni. Benda lain yg nak cakap, benda lain pulak yg terkeluar. hahaha.. Sudah, pegi buat keja balik. Nanti datang balik cakap pasal benda yg happy pulak okay!!=))

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