Monday, September 20, 2010

Frame of mind

Dear diary,

I'm now writing from my PC at the office. Oh my, everything seems to be so awkward. My workspace is very empty (because I kept everything in my locker before I went back). The trees outside my window are now greener (u know there was no single leaves left during winter). And guess what made things worst? I even forgot what is my login password to get access to my PC. Tekan tekan tapi fail. Tekan lagi tapi fail lagi. Sampai kena check balik dalam my record book. Hahaha.This one is so funny. Hey Amirah, awak tu baru cuti 2 minggu. Kalau 2 bulan, agaknya jalan nak ke office pun lupa kot. Sorry2.. Tapi betol2 tak ingat..:p

People asked me how was my holiday in Malaysia. My answer is, "It wasn't good. But, it was AMAZING". I bet everybody who had chance of going back home couldn't agree more. The only thing is, when my working momentum is now at the lowest energy, I really have to work harder so that my studies and my personal life are at equilibrium. I noticed the competing influences are not balance now. Saya perlu bekerja lebih keras supaya research saya tidak akan ketinggalan. Janji dengan diri sendiri tau!!=))

Big family. Ain't we look cheerful? This is why I said my holiday was amazing.

There are a lot of things need to be done in my priority list now. Kejap lagi ada international lunch untuk PhD student School of Maths. I didn't bring much. Only homemade cookies from Malaysia. Kita cakap kuih raya la.hehe. Lepas tu nanti ada meeting dengan Kak Emy pasal MAS Annual General Meeting. Wah, bunyi macam hebat je. Yes it is! One of the biggest event for the Malaysian society here in Wollonggong. So, I need to put my very best effort in making sure that the event will be a huge success. Rabu pulak ada workshop yang sangat lah penting. THE 7 SECRETS OF A HIGHLY SUCCESSFULL PHD STUDENT. I've been to this workshop last year. And still, I have no doubt of attending it again this year..=))

Memandangkan hari Isnin dan Rabu jadual I dah penuh, tinggal hari Selasa dan Khamis je untuk I study sikit sebelum meeting dengan supervisor hari Jumaat. Alamak, meeting!! Cepat, cepat!! Please do something so that you won't feel bad of not doing anything within these two weeks. Now look at yourself Amirah. Please focus in your studies, complete your research, get your doctorate, go back and serve your country. Bersemangat sungguh ayat tu kan. Bagus bagus.hehehe..

Ayahanda dan bonda. From them the inspiration comes.

p/s: Bila tengok muka mak bapak, terus bersemangat nak belajar. Tapi bila ternampak je katil yang empuk, comforter yang gebu, dan dan mengantuk tu datang. Aduhhh, problem betol la..:p

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