Friday, September 24, 2010

PhD rollercoaster rides

Assalamualaikum Encik Diari,

I am so sleepy today. Nak kata berjaga malam tu tidak la pulak. In fact, I had my sleep with the very best quality last night. Apa tidaknya, pukul 10 malam I makan sepinggan BESAR nasik goreng. Then I masuk tido 3jam selepas melantak. Konon kononnya kasi chance nasik goreng tu dihadamkan.hehehe. Hello miss, kalau dah nama pun makan tengah malam, tak payah la nak tunggu tunggu makanan proses la ape la, tido aje la ye. It won't give any harm to you, unless if you're lucky, go check your weight in the next morning, a few kilos will be deposited right into your fat account.hehehe..:p

I have a habit of weighing myself the first thing in the morning. Supaya saya boleh tau hari tu boleh jadi monster atau tak.hehe. Mind you, yang atas tu bukan berat saya okay!:p

Btw, I'm suppose to meet Tim this morning. I went looking for him at his office, unfortunately he was not there. He has a whole day meeting today. His personal assistant, Joell told me that he will be available for a couple of minutes between 3.30-4pm but he won't be there for so long, try come and get him again within that time. Oh no! Should I wait until next week or go back and see him later in the day? Hmmph.. Hang on a sec, I learnt something from the workshop I attended on Wednesday, if things are not working out, do something about it. Don't just think it will get better with time or that you can struggle through on your own. No, never! So Amirah, go and get help from your spv immediately okay!!

I still remember the time when I was in my PhD induction, they told me about what paperworks to complete, the rules and regulations, where the library is, and even where the toilets are. But they didn't tell me about the emotional side of being a research student. That is why I love to spend my time talking to other PhD students from any other courses, because they could tell me their stories and share their own personal rollercoaster rides while doing their research. Most of them experiencing the challenge of going ups, downs, twists and turns of their rides. Hmm, sounds fun huh? You can't tell until you are on your own journey. Ha, siapa nak join saya naik rollercoaster? Jom! Jom!=))

Me and my extreme rollercoaster ride. Ha, yang ni sapa nak ikut??:p

p/s: Memang best bila dengar orang kongsi cerita pasal pengalaman buat research masing masing. But it feels even better to listen to stories about students completing their PhDs. Rasa seperti mahu tamat belajar sekarang jugak tau!=))

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