Sunday, March 29, 2015

Second Wedding Anniversary :: Two years of love and trust


Here's a special entry dedicated to my husband and myself in celebrating our second anniversary together. 
It has been exactly two years today and 
I am so grateful looking at how marriage has changed our life dramatically. 
Somehow, this sacred relation has made us commit to one another and we will never look back.

I wouldn't say that our marriage is so perfect. 
No no, far beyond perfect I could say.
We had so many downfalls along the way and we also had many flaws here and there. 
We always have petty arguments towards the largest decision to the littlest resolution. 
We even fight on colours, foods, clothes, cars and whatnots. 
Yet, all in all, I have to say that I love my husband and our marriage has never lost the steam or passion it had to begin with.

My husband works really hard to provide a living for us. 
He and his determination about work always make me feel secure. 
I promise myself that I will forever appreciate his effort and what he does for the family. 
I always believe in his potential in what he can do and what he needs, for which I am very grateful. 

He always wants me to be by his side. 
I really love it when he asks me to go somewhere with him. 
And of course I will go most of the time because I myself want to always be by his side. 
Even if I don't care so much about the place (you know, workshops, hard ware stores and so on) but I just feel glad if he likes to be with me.

One more thing that I appreciate the most is, he eats whatever I cook without any single complaint. 
Never! I know that I have never been a great cook. 
Well I am trying to be one of course. 
But he always make me feel like I am the greatest cook in the world. 
I guess I better learn harder on the tricks and trade on how to keep winning his heart through his stomach. :)

I think that's a little bit something to recall about how grateful I am to be in this marriage.
Hopefully these feelings last forever for many more years to come.
Well, anniversaries are special, aren't they? 
They make you remember how long you actually have been together and just how much you have done and sacrificed for each other. 

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