Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Dream Wedding

Dear diary,

Last night I had a conversation with Mr Bf on when does the right time for us to tie the knot. We don't normally have this discussion in serious before this, really. I mean, there's no specific plan on when, where, how and all other sort of things, as we might just want to go with the flow. But then, last night was different.

We talked about quite a number of things. But two were thoroughly discussed according to our subject of preferences. Possible dates and budgets. Then I realize that this is not a plain conversation we are talking about. This is about marriage. And it demands deep and huge amount of efforts to make it happen. I think I'm not gonna say anything in details over here. Let it just be between me and him and of course The Almighty. We can only plan. Allah SWT will do the rest.

Our Prophet Muhammad SAW considered simple weddings as the best weddings. And the best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed. When I look about this in depth, marriage in Islam is considered as ibadah and the marriage ceremony itself is considered as a social as well as religious activity. And I would also love to highlight here that Islam advocates simplicity in ceremonies and celebrations. So, these are all the things that you basically need for a marriage:

Primary Requirements
  1. Mutual agreement (Ijab Kabul) by the bride and the groom
  2. Two adult and sane witnesses
  3. Mahr (marriage-gift) to be paid by the groom to the bride
Secondary Requirements
  1. Legal guardian (wali) representing the bride
  2. Written marriage contract
  3. Qadi (a responsible person officiating the marriage ceremony)
  4. Khutba-tun-Nikah to solemnize the marriage

Then, when everything above is ideally done, the marriage banquet (walimah) will follow. The relatives, neighbours, and friends are invited to make them aware of the marriage. Both rich and poor of the family and community are invited to the marriage feast. That's all for a complete wedding.

Hmm, how simple is that right? So, I PERSONALLY hope that my wedding would be as simple as this. Tak perlu bermegah-megah dengan majlis yang besar-besaran. No, no such thing like that. Saya mengharapkan majlis yang ringkas, tapi biarlah sempurna. InsyaAllah.

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