Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.


Ramadhan 1432. The point in time when I see the strongest part in me. I know that I have not been quite myself very lately. Everybody noticed that I suppose. Especially the ones around me.

Generally speaking, everything falls right into place. Thanks to those who have been supporting me quite a lot. Even without understanding the details, you guys were right there with me. Thank you so much. I'm spiritually and emotionally supported. Really.

Life is full of lots of ups and downs. All of the times when everything is wrong, you can't just give it up. Work it out and carry on. That's what I have been telling myself all this while. Alhamdulillah it works.

Owh by the way, flowers start blooming now. The sign that spring is peeking through the other corner. It usually takes me only 12 minutes to walk to uni, but today, it took me almost half an hour. Mana tidaknya, hampir setiap pokok berbunga kat tepi jalan tu I berhenti belek. Takde keje punya orang. haha.

My favourite.
They're beautiful, aren't they?

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