Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Women are complicated. That makes us strong.

Dear diary,

I found it amusing when I first browse through my FB wall this morning to see Kak Suzana's post (pinjam ye Kak Su) about girls. Without me noticing, I cracked a wide smile on my face the moment when I relate everything to myself. Surprising not, they are actually very true and applicable to many.

They are all sooo true. Especially to myself.

Kalau dapat yang tak ada ciri-ciri pelik macam yang kat atas ni, silalah jaga baik-baik. They might be one in a thousands. The rest, semuanya sangatlah complicated. Tapi kalau dapat yang complicated pun jangan risau, kalau kena gaya and cara yang betol, mudah aje nak bentuk and lentur orang perempuan ni. :)

Anyway, if I were to list all funny characteristics that most girls might have in similar, I'm afraid if it won't be any more challenge for the guys to understand us better. Tak fun lah macam gitu kan? So, take the challenge and find out more about your girls. You will fall for them a lot more than you currently are.

As for me, people see me as a very simple and easy-going person as most girls are. Happy aje sentiasa. Senyum tak kira masa. But the fact is, I am actually far more complicated on the inner part. Padahnya, asyik lah kena berperang dengan diri sendiri. Susah kan? Takpe, dah biasa. :)

I don't know why but I love this picture so much.
Nampak macam pasangan yang bahagia sedang berkomunikasi kan? :)

p/s: Kena sungguh mood girlish dengan lagu Wanita Paling Berharga yang dominated my playlist now. Cheers!:)

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