Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jyu Raku

Assalamualaikum wahai encik diari yang setia,

Well dear, I don't know how much you like it (or hate it), here's another entry about foods. You just need to bear with it okay. I need to write it fast before I forgot all the names of the dishes that we have been consuming there. This time, we had chance to taste Japanese cuisine at Jyu Raku Japanese Restaurant at Subang SS15.

There are quite a number of Japanese restaurants at SS15 and according to Mr Bf who is a truly Japanese food lover, Jyu Raku is among the best. Being among the newest baby on the block, the quality of the foods has been pretty excellent with an extensive range of dishes to choose from. Resembling the same layout just like other Japanese restaurants that we had tried before (somewhere around Bukit Bintang and Sg Wang), the ambiance are very very welcoming.

Me enjoying the cozy dining seats

Nampak tak kerusi pendek? Rasa macam duduk atas lantai.

The dining area on the first floor are quite spacious. You can choose whether to eat at the usual dining table or if you want to eat like the Japanese does, there is a section where you feel like you're actually sitting on the floor. Feel tu penting tau untuk menambah kenikmatan mengadap hidangan. As soon as we got there, we ordered two beverages, Ice Lemon Tea for him and Soursop de Guava for myself. Hari yang panas terus bertukar jadi nyaman.hehehe..

Our drinks; Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.80) and Soursop de Guava (RM6.00)

Now let us start with the appertizer. We chose one set of their signature King Roll and a bowl of Edamame as our starters. King Roll tu sangat sangat lah sedap! Unagi, prawn, sashimi, and avocado wrapped with a very thin piece of cucumber and topped with salmon roe. Served with grated wasabi and their special soy sauce, the taste was just like fuhhh, heaven!! Takmau cerita lebih lebih, nanti air liur sendiri yang meleleh.huhuhu.

King Roll (RM28.00). Recommended!!

Sedap gila roll tu. Tak tipu!

Edamame tu pulak green beans yang dikukus, lepas tu ditaburkan dengan sedikit garam untuk enhance rasa lemak lemak masin dan manis kacang hijau tu. Sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja. Kunyah kunyah tiba tiba eh, dah habis semangkuk!

Green beans (RM7.00). Kalau nak cuba buat sendiri di rumah pun boleh jugak..:)

For the main dishes, I decided to try on the Sukiyaki Chicken. The portion was like MasyaAllah, hugeeeee.. Masa mula mula diorang serve tu I rasa macam, hello, perli ke apa ni? Tau la I kuat makan, tapi ni perli baikk punya okeh. I do feel offended somehow!hihihi. All in all, the chicken sukiyaki is a light, elegant, and social dish, perfect for all sort of occasions.. Worth trying!=))

My sukiyaki chicken set (RM33.00). Gila banyak. Tak habis makan sorang!!

Don't disturb. Raksasa hijau tengah menjamu selera. Sapa kacau kena ngapp!!:p

For him, he tried on the Sake Butteryaki. He has been telling me that he wanted to eat salmon from Japanese restaurant with me like ages before, and there he was, smashing the yummilicios grilled salmon, like a real fish lover. Memang rasa salmon tu diakui sangat sedap. The Japanese touch really boost up the sweetness from the fresh salmon. If there is a next time, I will definitely choose grilled salmon for me.hehehe..

His Sake Butteryaki (RM25.00). Grilled salmon yang enak. Yummie yummie!

Dah tak sempat pandang kiri kanan dah.hehehe.

Apparently, there are quite a lot more that we haven't try at Jyu Raku. Mati la kalau nak makan semua hari tu. Paling tidak kena pegi 5-6 kali lagi baru dapat rasa at least separuh dari list yang ada dalam their wide-ranging menu. So, ada kemungkinan kami akan datang lagi ke Jyu Raku ni. Yahuuu!!=))

We won't hesitate to pay you another visit, Jyu Raku

p/s: How I miss spending time exploring new restaurants with him. Thank you for all the meaningful treats. Next time will definitely be my turn. But the next time is still longgggg way to go lah sayang..:'(

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