Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 things to do at the gym

Hai everybody!

Pardon me for my long silence. Things has been very very hectic for the past few days. I need to settle quite a number of things before I see my supervisor next Monday. Phewww. Bless me Ya Allah.

Well, I received a friendly message from Azlina via FB last night. Hello Azlina if you read this! She mentioned that she is one silent reader of this blog. Thank you for that dear. Very much appreciated. Yang baik jadikan tauladan tau. Yang buruk please please please jadikan sempadan.

Okay, back to the main point, Azlina asked me if I could write something about the workouts that I normally do at the gymnasium. Hmm, susah jugak nak cerita. Ye la, I pengguna biasa je. Bukan yang dapat special assists daripada trainer. Tapi I cuba cerita je la ek.

First of all, I would like to highlight here that people might see me as an enthusiastic fitness classes or gym user, but please don't expect me to have one perfect figure like those fantastic people at the gym. I'm wayyy too far from perfect. With the height of 166cm, I really need to do something to keep my weight ranging from 52kg to 54kg. Cannot more, or less than that. Jadi, I perlu kerja keras!

The latest me. Agak-agak I tengah buat apa tu? hehe..:p

(Photo courtesy from Hovis's FB)

The other thing is, I only focus on cardio workouts using treadmill, elliptical trainer, and excercise bike. I didn't go for the ones that will tone and shape my body. Tamau! Tamau! Kang keluar muscles ketul-ketul mau terkejut monkey mak bapak I tengok nanti. Tu baru mak bapak, kalau suami, comfirm kena halau tido luar. Selamat la I belum kawen.hahaha..:p

Okay, chopp!!! It's Zumba time. Kejap lagi balik Zumba I sambung cerita lagi ehh..

Done!! Mari sambung.

The first thing that I usually do is to run on treadmill. I normally start with fast walk with the speed of 6km/hr. Then I gradually increase the speed up to 12km/hr until my heart rate raise until 160. After that, I will steadily decrease the speed and go back to slow jog. Time taken normally around 15-20minutes with a total distance of 3-4km depending on the speed level.

Treadmill [photo courtesy]

Then, I will move on to the elliptical trainer. I really love this one as both hands and legs will be fully occupied. Yang ni biasanya I terus buat laju sebab kononnya energy tengah maksimum, I akan maintain speed 8km/hr with a total distance around 5-6km within 20-30minutes. Heart rate pun I buat sampai 155-160. Penat!! Peluh jgn cakap la. Lencun baju dibuatnya.

Elliptical trainer [photo courtesy]

Finally, I akan spend setengah jam naik bicycle. 10 minit pertama, I kayuh lenggang-lenggang Mak Limah ambik mood dulu. 10 minit kedua, I akan pecut laju gila konon macam tengah racing dengan mat rempit. Masa ni heart rate comfirm naik 155-160. Termengah-mengah dibuatnya. Then, 10minit terakhir I dah relax macam tengah kayuh bot itik yang dekat Taman Tasik Taiping tu. hehehe. Easy huh?

Excercise bike [photo courtesy]

So, these are basically all the things that I will do at the gym. Kalau tanya pasal yang lain-lain, comfirm fail. Memang tak reti nak jawab. Harap membantu you ye Azlina. Owh, you pakai apa-apa je yang you rasa selesa and serap peluh. Nobody cares about what you wear.

The whole idea is not to jump on cardio equipment without knowing the rules. Feel free to ask for help. Till then, have fun working out!! =))

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