Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I just want more hellos than goodbyes in my life


Hai everybody! 
I'm down with a really bad emotion tonight. Urghh, I hate goodbyes
Sending people off to the departure hall is kinda big torture for me as I find it really hard to fight back my tears. 
I ALWAYS try not to cry but I fail all the time. 
It's not that I am weak, I was just a little bit fragile, you see.

I really don't like the feeling when I had to say goodbye especially to some great people that I have known over these last few years. 
It was such a great blessing to get to know them. 
I'm not quite sure when I'm going to see them again but,
I'm positive that we will keep in touch

Hmm, I guess it wasn't suppose to be a "Goodbye" after all. 
"I'll see you later" sounds more appropriate.

p/s: I talked to my mum earlier today, telling her that I'm sad to see everyone leave, one after another. Ohh, tiap-tiap kali lepas hantaq orang memang I akan mengadu dengan mak pasai how sunyi Wollongong is. hehe. Lepas tu mak tanya, "Nanti Mirah balik sapa hantaq?". Err, I said "Pakcik limo, maybe?". haha. Being the last person to go is so not cool heh? :p


Anonymous said...

Mira blk bln apa? Akk nnt lg sunyi kot lpas korang2 sume blk...huhu

amirah said...

Kak Syaza,

I haven't bought my ticket. Tapi insyaAllah mid February. :)