Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A place to be missed

Assalamualaikum semua,

Hari ni tetiba rasa rindu a place that I used to call home
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
A coastal city as what the Australian call it
Stunning coastline, rockpools, ocean bath, sheltered beaches, great waves
Complete elements for a great beach experience
How can I not miss all these huh?

Wollongong Coastal City.
(Pic taken from here)

Biasanya kalau pegi sini mesti hati tenang je
Every time rasa sedih, or serabut, I akan naik free shuttle bus terus pegi pantai
And got myself a cup of hot chocolate
Then cari port kat mana-mana batu yang mengadap laut
I could spend hours and hours by just sitting there and looking at the wide open sea
Kalau nasib baik, dapat tengok ikan paus or ikan lumba-lumba

Most of the time, terapi pantai ni sangat berhasil untuk cheer me up
Because I normally do a lot of serious thinking tiap-tiap kali tengok laut lepas
Bila hati tenang, keputusan yang diambil biasanya tend to be a lot wiser
And I immediately feel better after that 

I learn a lot sepanjang beberapa tahun kehidupan I dekat Wollongong ni
About life, faith, love and many more
And for this, I thank Allah for all the chances He has given me to improve myself
I will never forget this place
A place that I found me

When I wasn't even 25 years old

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