Monday, February 8, 2010

Journey back home

Dear diary,

Today is a little bit special. I'm writing while sitting alone at one silent corner of Melbourne Tullamarine International Airport, with a cup of hot chocolate and blueberry muffin as my breakfast. I can't stop smiling now!=) I'm not sure whether you're aware or not but today is the day that I'm going back to Penang after 7months being in Australia.

I never know that the feeling of traveling back to your lovely home country after spending some times away from your beloved ones would be as beautiful as this. I waited for so long for this moment and now the day has comes. I'm glad that I've been given the opportunity to further my study abroad so that I would be able to develop the feeling of appreciation on the challenging yet priceless journey as an international student.

p/s: I'm ready to go now!! Wait for more updates from home!!=))

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leaving Melbourne


Hye dear!It has been a week since I last visited you.. and without noticing how fast the time flies, I'm about to leave Melbourne soon. Hmm, I still remember on the fresh moment when I first arrived in LTU on the 10th of January, and now after a month, I'm all ready to go back to Wollongong. Well, I've been through a lot of interesting things during this AMSI Summer School that I can hardly describe every single thing in here. All that I know is that everything will be kept nicely as an interesting episode of my great chapter of life.

To all my good friends in LTU; Jinda, Mick, Josh, Hoan, Sean, Stacy, Michael, and Donny, thanks heaps for cheering up my life here. I'll miss having fun with you guys! You made me feel like we're one big family even with substantial difference of faces, colours and even religions. This summer school really means something having you guys around. Okay diary boy, I'll introduce them one by one. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I did..=)

Jinda from UOW, New South Wales (Thailand)

Mick from Uni of Curtin, Perth (Thailand)

Josh from UNSW, New South Wales (Aussie)

Hoan from UniSyd, Sydney (Vietnam)

Sean from Uni of Adelaide, Adelaide (Aussie)

Anastasiya from Uni of Queensland, Brisbane (Ukraine)

Michael from Uni of New England, Armidale (Aussie)

p/s: Good luck to all of us! Keep in touch and til we meet again in the next summer school!!=))