Monday, September 27, 2010

Sayonara Kak Azreen

Hey there!!

I'm back!! I just finished preparing goodies bags for MAS's coming event, Open House and AGM 2010. However, the treats are only for kids. Too bad rite. Oh, sungguh bahagia kan jadi kanak kanak. Main loncat loncat sini sana, then ada je rewards yang diorang dapat nanti. But nothing much in there. Cikedis je yang mampu kasi. Kalau mintak Happy Meal sorang satu set tu memang takde la ye.hehe.. Tapi orang dewasa pun jangan risau. If you're lucky, you're not going back empty handed..=))

Btw, petang tadi pegi makan makan rumah Kak Ila & Fairus. Makan nasik kerabu. Sangat sedap okay! I dengan tak malunya siap mintak izin tambah lagi. Hishhh. Buat malu je anak dara makan banyak banyak umah orang. It was not only that, siap dapat tapau lagi tau. What to do. Orang memberi, kita kena menerima la dengan senyuman lebar.hehe.. But the nasik kerabu is so yummy! Nobody can deny that. Thanks Kak Ila and Kak Faie for being such a warm organizer hehehe..:p

Actually, we celebrated one of our friend who's going to leave Wollongong for goods today, Kak Azreen and family. Owh, Gong will definitely gonna lose one of it's kindest person over here. Babies are gonna miss their second mother called Mama Azreen. All Malaysian in Wollongong absolutely are going to miss their warmest friend. And MAS will certainly gonna lose one of its main volunteer for any event. When it comes to moment like this, saying good bye is always the hardest words to confess, isn't it? Hmmm..=(

Last moment with Kak Azreen

If you noticed something, tiap tiap kali ada aktiviti MAS, nama Kak Azreen tak penah miss dari menyumbangkan something dekat kelab. She never say no whenever we asked for her help. Kalau tak banyak, sikit pun mesti Kak Azreen akan buat jugak. Siapa yang tak penah rasa kuih bakar Kak Azreen memang rugi la. She's the sifu! Nobody can beat the taste her kuih bakar. Bukan bodek tau, bukan! Tapi memang sedap sangat..=))

Kuih bakar. We'll miss this so much!

One more thing, she's the mama to almost all babies in Wollongong (Malaysian babies la).hehe. Hampir semua budak yang pernah duduk di bawah penjagaan Kak Azreen mesti sangat sayang dengan dia. Tadi tengok Damia dengan Adam melekat dekat Kak Azreen rasa sayu pulak. They are too small to understand that their mama is going to leave them soon. It's okay babies, nanti bila semua dah balik mesia boleh pegi melawat mama anda ye.. Kalau buat buat lupa nanti cubit pipi baru tau!hehe.. Hey, suka hati je nak cubit anak orang..:p

To Kak Azreen and family, good luck for your new life back in Malaysia. Kalau ada rezeki insyaAllah boleh jumpa lagi. Kalau ade anak anak akak yang sambung belajar kat USM nanti boleh cari Mira ye.hehehe. I'm gonna miss this family. Especially Alisha@Dora yang kiut miut tu.. Sayonara~~

MAS Open House and AGM 2009

My final photo with this sweet little girl. Alisha@Dora. Dia sangat la susah nak senyum okay.. Takpe, cute jugak..-))

Precious moment ever!! Alisha senyum..=))

p/s: Being with Malaysian friends really make you feel like home. Especially if you're being alone abroad. I rasa sangat bersyukur sebab ada kakak kakak yang baik hati di sekeliling I..=))

Friday, September 24, 2010

PhD rollercoaster rides

Assalamualaikum Encik Diari,

I am so sleepy today. Nak kata berjaga malam tu tidak la pulak. In fact, I had my sleep with the very best quality last night. Apa tidaknya, pukul 10 malam I makan sepinggan BESAR nasik goreng. Then I masuk tido 3jam selepas melantak. Konon kononnya kasi chance nasik goreng tu dihadamkan.hehehe. Hello miss, kalau dah nama pun makan tengah malam, tak payah la nak tunggu tunggu makanan proses la ape la, tido aje la ye. It won't give any harm to you, unless if you're lucky, go check your weight in the next morning, a few kilos will be deposited right into your fat account.hehehe..:p

I have a habit of weighing myself the first thing in the morning. Supaya saya boleh tau hari tu boleh jadi monster atau tak.hehe. Mind you, yang atas tu bukan berat saya okay!:p

Btw, I'm suppose to meet Tim this morning. I went looking for him at his office, unfortunately he was not there. He has a whole day meeting today. His personal assistant, Joell told me that he will be available for a couple of minutes between 3.30-4pm but he won't be there for so long, try come and get him again within that time. Oh no! Should I wait until next week or go back and see him later in the day? Hmmph.. Hang on a sec, I learnt something from the workshop I attended on Wednesday, if things are not working out, do something about it. Don't just think it will get better with time or that you can struggle through on your own. No, never! So Amirah, go and get help from your spv immediately okay!!

I still remember the time when I was in my PhD induction, they told me about what paperworks to complete, the rules and regulations, where the library is, and even where the toilets are. But they didn't tell me about the emotional side of being a research student. That is why I love to spend my time talking to other PhD students from any other courses, because they could tell me their stories and share their own personal rollercoaster rides while doing their research. Most of them experiencing the challenge of going ups, downs, twists and turns of their rides. Hmm, sounds fun huh? You can't tell until you are on your own journey. Ha, siapa nak join saya naik rollercoaster? Jom! Jom!=))

Me and my extreme rollercoaster ride. Ha, yang ni sapa nak ikut??:p

p/s: Memang best bila dengar orang kongsi cerita pasal pengalaman buat research masing masing. But it feels even better to listen to stories about students completing their PhDs. Rasa seperti mahu tamat belajar sekarang jugak tau!=))

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cermin mata hitam untuk bapak

Dear diary,

This is a real delayed entry. I should have informed you about this since ten days ago, but because of the time constraint, I only have chance to do so now. Okay, this entry is specially dedicated to my beloved father, Haji Azmi Mansor. I mentioned that he celebrated his 50th birthday on the 1st Syawal remember? So, sekarang ni I nak cerita sikit lah pasal surprised birthday party yang kitorang buat malam raya tu. Check it out!=))

Happy turning 50 bapak!!=))

Macam biasa, tiap tiap kali malam raya kami sekeluarga memang akan balik rumah tok. Kebetulan malam raya tu jugak la bapak akan menyambut hari lahir yang ke-50. Wow!! My father is now an official 5 series club members. Congratulation bapak!! A sign that you are gonna drive a BMW 5series real soon. Aminnn. hehe.. Okay, bila sampai rumah tok tu kami semua buat macam takdak apa. Semua dah agak, bapak memang sangatlah tak ambik tau pasal date date ni. Sila jangan kecik hati, tapi bapak memang jarang sangat ingat birthdays. Kalau tanya tarikh lahir memang ingat. Apparently, when it comes to that particular date, he simply forget it, unless somebody keep reminding him about it.hehe. Hmm, bukan memang semua lelaki camtu ke? No offense..=))

Tepat pukul 12 tengah malam, abang and Wan masuk bawak birthday cake, sambil nyanyi ramai ramai. As expected, he was surprised. Tak sangka agaknya kami akan celebrate malam tu. But overall, we could see how happy he was that night. Having his children around him on his birthday is the most meaningful part for him I suppose. By the way, my second younger sister, Hamizah also celebrated her 16th birthday a day before bapak, so that night, there were actually two surprised birthday cakes for both bapak and Ijah..=))

Okay, now comes the happiest part, birthday presents!! Petang tu I, abang dengan mak pergi beli birthday present untuk bapak. At first, it was really hard to find anything that suits bapak's interests and needs. And we finally made our mind up to by him a pair of new sunglasses. I knew it straight from the start that he's gonna love the gift. Fyi, my father is a loyal RayBan user, so we went out looking for a RayBan for him. Kitorang pegi kedai cermin mata yang bapak dah biasa tengok tengok RayBan yang dia suka. Salesgirl tu cakap ada 2 pasang yang cantik yang bapak dah lama dok tengok . Alamak, macam mana nak pilih ni. dua-dua smart and sesuai untuk bapak. In the end, abang told us to grab both sunglasses. Woww!! Maknanya bapak akan dapat bukan satu, tapi dua cermin mata hitam yang baru sebagai hadiah hari jadi. Suka suka!!

The moment bapak received his presents, we could see his eyes sparkling. He totally loves the prezzies. Kalau boleh, nak pakai cermin mata hitam tiap tiap masa. Siap boleh matching kan dengan baju lagi sekarang ni tau. Pegi market pakai, pegi jalan jalan raya haruslah pakai kan, tapi yang paling best masa tumbuk sambal belacan pun bapak pakai jugak. hahaha. Yang ni paling lawak. Takut sambal masuk mata katanya. Selama ni dah berpuluh tahun memasak, bapak tak penah complaint pun pedih mata sebab tumbuk sambal, tapi sejak sejak ada cermin mata hitam baru, takut pulak mata pedih, dan dan kena pakai cermin mata hitam kat dapur. Lepas tu bila nampak macam gelap, bapak suruh mak bukak lampu siang siang hari kat dapur. Mana la mak tak bising.hehehe. Bapak, bapak.. Now we know how much you appreciate the gifts from us..=))

Potong kek sambil pakai cermin mata hitam baru

Segak bergaya memandu dengan cermin mata hitam baru

Bersalam salaman di pagi raya dengan cermin mata hitam baru

Makan Nasi Ayam Warisan di Kota Damansara dengan cermin mata hitam baru

Beraya di rumah tok dengan cermin mata hitam baru

p/s: Amacam?? Nampak tak macam mana bapak sangat sayang hadiah dari anak anak beliau. Tapi saya yakin, it's not only about the gifts, but the beautiful thoughts that matter to him. I love it when he said, "Anak anak adalah harta bapak yang paling bernilai". It somehow touches deeply in my heart. We all love you bapak. Banyak lagi kejayaan kami semua yang kami nak bapak saksikan. InsyaAllah doa dari anak anak bapak takkan putus di dunia dan di akhirat. Aminnn..=))

International Luncheon


I just had my dinner with 4 pieces of pikelets and two slices of Spanish omeletts. Hmm, they sounded not like the ordinary foods that I normally take for dinner rite. But please, don't ask me what a pikelet is. I have no idea. It looks like a pancake but the taste is slightly different especially the part when you dip it into thicked cream, the taste is just soo wonderful. Omg, drooling. Bila teringat je meleleh balik air liur ni. Sedap gila!!huhu.

You must be wondering apehal la minah ni makan makanan pelik pelik malam ni kan. Bukan lupa diri tau, bukan! Saya masih melayu tulen yang suka makan kicap kipas udang dengan ikan goreng. Sanggup bawak dalam luggage semata mata nak pastikan lauk feveret takkan ketinggalan.hehehe. Tadi kan I bagitau ada international lunch kat office. Wah, sangatlah meriah dengan makanan dari macam macam negara. Suka sangat!! Ada dari Indonesia, Libya, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, China, Spain, and a few others.

Group photo. Half of the crowd. Okay, memang I tak termasuk dalam ketinggian orang Asia yang normal rupanya. It's proven now.huhu.

Endah brought Indonesian special spring rolls while another Indonesian girl with her homemade gado-gado. A group of Thai girls with their famous Thai foods. Padthai, green curry, stir-fry prawn with cashew nuts, and Thai fried rice. Bothaina made her own cous-cous with lamb and white peas gravy. Diane cooked her own Thai style chicken curry. Somebody brought two big size of Spanish omeletts. Sara came with a big plate of pikelets, which came together with strawberry jam and thicked cream. These are among the foods that I ate just now. Ada lagi beberapa makanan yang I tak sempat nak makan pun sebab terlampau kenyang. Me?? Disebabkan I baru sampai balik and tak sempat nak masak memasak ni, I bawak kuih raya je. Malaysian homemade cookies. Ada tart nenas, biskut kacang hijau, dengan mazola. Okay la tu kan, they somehow representing traditional Malaysian delicacies rite..=))

Yang paling hujung ni la pikelets yang sangat sedap tu.

p/s: Lepas dah rasa makanan makanan dari negara lain, tekak ni tetap cakap makanan Malaysia jugak yang paling sedap in the world.hehe..kalau la dapat kasi diorang makan sambal belacan, budu, cencalok, atau tempoyak, mau seminggu jugak mat salleh ni semua meroyan.hehehe. gila kejam!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Frame of mind

Dear diary,

I'm now writing from my PC at the office. Oh my, everything seems to be so awkward. My workspace is very empty (because I kept everything in my locker before I went back). The trees outside my window are now greener (u know there was no single leaves left during winter). And guess what made things worst? I even forgot what is my login password to get access to my PC. Tekan tekan tapi fail. Tekan lagi tapi fail lagi. Sampai kena check balik dalam my record book. Hahaha.This one is so funny. Hey Amirah, awak tu baru cuti 2 minggu. Kalau 2 bulan, agaknya jalan nak ke office pun lupa kot. Sorry2.. Tapi betol2 tak ingat..:p

People asked me how was my holiday in Malaysia. My answer is, "It wasn't good. But, it was AMAZING". I bet everybody who had chance of going back home couldn't agree more. The only thing is, when my working momentum is now at the lowest energy, I really have to work harder so that my studies and my personal life are at equilibrium. I noticed the competing influences are not balance now. Saya perlu bekerja lebih keras supaya research saya tidak akan ketinggalan. Janji dengan diri sendiri tau!!=))

Big family. Ain't we look cheerful? This is why I said my holiday was amazing.

There are a lot of things need to be done in my priority list now. Kejap lagi ada international lunch untuk PhD student School of Maths. I didn't bring much. Only homemade cookies from Malaysia. Kita cakap kuih raya la.hehe. Lepas tu nanti ada meeting dengan Kak Emy pasal MAS Annual General Meeting. Wah, bunyi macam hebat je. Yes it is! One of the biggest event for the Malaysian society here in Wollonggong. So, I need to put my very best effort in making sure that the event will be a huge success. Rabu pulak ada workshop yang sangat lah penting. THE 7 SECRETS OF A HIGHLY SUCCESSFULL PHD STUDENT. I've been to this workshop last year. And still, I have no doubt of attending it again this year..=))

Memandangkan hari Isnin dan Rabu jadual I dah penuh, tinggal hari Selasa dan Khamis je untuk I study sikit sebelum meeting dengan supervisor hari Jumaat. Alamak, meeting!! Cepat, cepat!! Please do something so that you won't feel bad of not doing anything within these two weeks. Now look at yourself Amirah. Please focus in your studies, complete your research, get your doctorate, go back and serve your country. Bersemangat sungguh ayat tu kan. Bagus bagus.hehehe..

Ayahanda dan bonda. From them the inspiration comes.

p/s: Bila tengok muka mak bapak, terus bersemangat nak belajar. Tapi bila ternampak je katil yang empuk, comforter yang gebu, dan dan mengantuk tu datang. Aduhhh, problem betol la..:p

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to Aussie

Hai Encik Diari!!

I'm now back at Melbourne Airport. You won't like it when you have to wait for a few hours without having anything fun to do. For my case, with two big, heavy bags, I'd prefer to sit down at one silent corner and spend my time cruising the net. Cuba buang masa sebanyak mungkin sampai boleh check-in flight seterusnya. Choppp!! Jangan suruh study. Mood raya tak habis lagi ni.ehehe..:p

By the way, td semua stock makanan yang melambak lambak dalam beg ni lepas tanpa sebarang sekatan. Yahuuuu!! Baiknya encik encik yang check barang kat airport ni. Dia siap tanya, "You are travelling alone, but your foods are enough to feed a big family. Are you having a feast?". Okay, I malas nak explain lebih lebih pasal hari raya. So, I told him that I'm a big eater.hehehe..

You know what, segala mak nenek ada dalam beg tu, kicap kipas udang hijau, pure honey, kuih raya, bihun pama, popia kecik yang ada serunding tu, chipsmore, biskut tu, biskut ni, and banyak lagi la stok makanan. Rasanya sampai I balik bulan November nanti pun tak habis lagi.hehehe. Dalam beg 20kg tu, baju ada la dalam 2-3 helai, the rest are all foods. Sekarang baru you tau kenapa orang tu pelik kan.hehehe..

Okay, sekarang dah rasa bosan tahap gaban. Nak buat apa lagi 2jam ni. bagi idea pleaseeee.. Kang bukak tupperware kuih raya makan kat sini pelik pulak orang tengok.huhu. Jalan jalan cari makan jom. hehehe.. tata!!=))

Ijah, me, Hakim, Fatin

Me and Fatin

Abang, me, Huda

Ladies in the family..=))

p/s: I started to miss my family now. Help!!~~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1 Syawal 1431H

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

How was your celebration dear? Mine was awesome. I can't describe in words. The feeling is just so wonderful. Being with your beloved family on the first Syawal is the best moment ever. And this year's Eid is much more meaningful because the first Syawal falls on my father's birthday, 10th September, marking his 50th birthday. Nampaknya bapak I dah masuk kategori 5series.hehe.. Anak anak pun semua besar dah. Bapak, we all love you so much. Thanks for being such a great and wonderful father to all of us.

As usual, we started our day as early as possible. Getting ready for Eid prayers. Apparently, I missed that this year. Takpe, cuba lagi di tahun hadapan.hehe. Ingat lucky draw ke nak cuba cuba lagi. Pagi raya memang best sebab semua orang pakai baju yang cantik cantik, warna warni, wangi wangi. Lepas balik solat, tibalah masa untuk makan ramai ramai. Yeayy!! Bahagianya beraya di tanah air sendiri. I still remember the moment when I was in Australia celebrating last year's Eid. Pagi raya mata bengkak sebab menangis tak ingat punya.hehehe. Tapi raya kali ni muka ceria gila..=))

Eid 1430H, Wollonggong, Australia. Nampak tak muka sembab?hehe

Eid 1431H, Butterworth, Penang. Muka ceria gila.hehe.
Lepas breakfast ketupat palas dengan rendang mak yang super sedap, kitorang teruskan dengan sesi bersalam salaman. It is a routine that we never missed. I bet everybody did that. Tahun ni I dapat duit raya dari abang. Best2!!hehe. Lepas dah siap semua tu baru gerak balik rumah tok. Did I ever mentioned that both of my granmas's houses are just a few blocks away from each other? Yes, it's true. So, tiap tiap tahun tak penah ada masalah nak balik kampung mana dulu. Senang je hidup.hehe. Btw, I makan 2 mangkuk bihun sup kat umah Tok Yam..:p
Abang giving out duit raya. Thanks!!=))
Complete siblings with Tok Yam
From left: Fatin (sister), Syaza(cousin), me and Una (cousin). Ok, I sesat, tak geng purple.

Family I lepak rumah tok sampai lepas solat jumaat, lepas tu pegi rumah Tok Pora dekat Penaga pulak. Ni pun antara rumah wajib singgah tiap tiap kali hari raya. Kat umah ni pulak I makan laksa yang sedap gila!! Then, I went to a friend's house which was just next to Tok Pora's. Rumah ni lagi best, sebab I bantai makan nasik pulak.hehe. Taktau nasik nama apa, tapi lauk ada banyak, gulai daging power, ayam masak merah, acar, bla bla bla. Gosh, terliur lagi ni nak buat mcm mana ni.huhu. Kalau rumah sedara tu memang I dah tambah berkali kali dah. Selamat la rumah orang.hehehe. Buat malu kat orang ja kalo tambah banyak banyak. Comfirm tahun depan diorang black list I dari senarai tetamu..:p

Lepas dah beraya tu, I dengan adik adik balik rumah. Peningnya perut masa tu. Terkejut agaknya dia masuk makanan yang segala macam dalam perut ni. Taktau yang mana nak kena proses dulu.hehe. Kebetulan memang ada tetamu datang, so I dengan family stay dekat rumah je. Tapi bukan duduk saja, mestila sambil mengunyah apa apa yang patut. Kuih raya, kek dengan chocolates.hehehe.

Lepas semua tetamu dah balik, kitorang pun bersiap pi rumah Acu. I think it now becomes a routine for us to go to Acu's house on the 1st Syawal. Dapat tengok rumah baru Acu yang sangat cantik!! Alamak, lupa nak amik gamba. Takpe, next time.hehe. Okay, kat situ I makan mee kuah, bubur pulut hitam, ketupat dengan puding strawberry. Pembetulan, tu bukan makan, tapi melantak.huhu. Cincin pun dah ketat giving me a sign that my weight is approaching the red alert border. Tapi tetap melantak tak sedar diri. Takpe, bagi chance, balik Aussie nanti takde dah semua ni..=))

p/s: Ada kuiz di sini. Can you count how many times I eat altogether in total? Agaknya kalau monster pun tak mampu makan banyak camni kan.huhu.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home sweet home

Hai! hai!

I'm finally at home now. Happy! Happy! Actually, I sampai KL hari Ahad pagi lebih kurang pukul 8 camtu. Am ambik I dekat airport then terus pegi rumah abang dekat Kota Damansara. Sampai je umah abang, I mandi tukar baju semua, kasi Am tido 2jam, then kitorang keluar shopping baju raya. Walaupun letih gila, tapi I tetap happy sebab dapat rasa perasaan nak sambut raya tu.hehe.

Mula mula kitorang pegi PKNS. MasyaAllah ramai gila orang. We were looking for a silver or black&white baju kurung for me and a turquoise baju melayu for Am. There were a few that caught our attention but still, we left the place empty handed. We bought nothing. Maybe pening sebab ramai sangat orang agaknya.

From there, we straight away went to Masjid India. Kali ni, orang 2kali ganda lagi ramai rasanya. Kepala I pun dah start pusing pusing masa tu. Maklumla I tak rehat langsung sejak landed dari pukul 8pagi. Luckily, we both got all the things that we were looking for. Actually, I dah ade satu kebaya yang mak tempah warna sebijik sama dengan warna baju melayu Am. If I'm not mistaken, this is our third Hari Raya wearing the same theme.Padahal bukan dapat raya sama sama pun. Tapi excited dapat baju warna sama je.hehehe.

Muka puas hati dapat shopping..:p

Lepas dah siap shopping semua, akhirnya masa untuk berbuka puasa. Yeay!! Am made a reservation for two at Sime Darby Convention Centre so we made our way there when time is getting late. Masa mula mula nampak makanan yang sangat banyak I rasa excited gila. Maklumla, tahun lepas kan I tak berpuasa&beraya di Malaysia, so dah lama sangat tak pegi buffet ramadhan yang best camni. Rasa macam nak makan semua. Padahal perut kecik je. Tapi Alhamdulillah, puas I makan malam tu. Takde kempunan kempunan lagi lepas ni.hehe.

Me and him at the lobby

Selama ni makan same same dalam skype je..:p

p/s: Dah lama rasanya I tak dating. Kali ni I dapat luangkan masa seharian dengan Am. Happy sangat!! Thanks sayang for making my day such a beautiful one. And thanks again for the baju kurung that you bought for me..=))

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Journey back home

Hai En Diari!!!!

Update!! Update!!

I'm now at Melbourne Airport. Waiting for my next flight to KL. Owh, bosannya menunggu. Ade la lebih kurang sejam lagi before boarding. Nak makan, tp kenyang lagi. Nak online lama-lama battery laptop pulak dah bagi signal kelip kelip. Jangan mampus lagi tau. Tunggu kejap je. Teman I kejap sampai boarding.hehe.

Me and my bags

By the way, the flight is scheduled to reach KL at 7am tomorrow. Tak sabarnye!! You know what, demam ke batuk ke selsema ke semua hilang. Excited nak balik punya pasal.hehe. Tarik beg berat kiri kanan pun tak terasa. Tapi kalo sampai Malaysia tu nanti penat taktau la. Takpe, nak balik punya pasal, sanggup!

Esok pagi sampai Am ambik dekat airport, then pegi shopping ke ape dulu. Then tgh malam tu drive balik Penang dengan adik adik. Plan sampai pagi isnin tu jugak.hehe. Mood nak raya dah membuak-buak dah ni. Macam budak budak pulak..hehe.

p/s: I tak boleh online lama lama. Sebelum battery ni kiok, baik I benti dulu. Wait for more updates from home okay!!=))

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cheer me up

Dear diary,

I feel like my day is so gloomy today. Cheerless. Dull. Why? I have no idea why. I'm suppose to be very happy as the day that I have been waiting is coming in less than 48hours. Yes, I'm all excited but why am I feeling like this. I wonder. Because of the fever I bet. Hmm, a fever is actually a sign that my body is fighting an infection. Sighs.

There are plenty of things I need to do in my list before I leave. Malam ni kena re-pack beg. Dah overweight.hehe. Kalau tak sumbat beg penuh penuh memang tak sah kan. Kalau boleh segala benda nak angkut bawak balik. Tapi, sekarang I tak larat sgt nak buat apa pun. Get well soon okay Amirah. Demam demam ni macam mana nak tarik beg berat berat. Kuat semangat sikit. Makan ubat. Ikut cakap dokter walaupun awak tak suka dokter. Make sure by Saturday bole loncat loncat dengan gembiranya tau. Dear fever, you go away. Okay? :(

I felt so cold until I didn't even realize that my temperature is rising.

Tadi jumpa K.Fai beraya siap siap sebelum balik. Tiba tiba rasa sayu pulak. Tahun lepas kitorang beraya sama sama kat sini. Raya tahun ni pulak I balik. Ada kemungkinan raya tahun depan I tak balik. Ceh, cakap je. Nanti tiba tiba hilang.hehe. Tapi setakat ni plan tak balik dah la tahun depan. So, this might be my last hari raya at home. So, cheer up!!=))

p/s: I think the rainy and gloomy weather contributes to the unstability of my mood. Hmm, the best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain. True isn't it?