Monday, November 30, 2009

Foods again

Hye dear,

How is it going for you? Miss me?? I know u did..hehe..=)) I didn't update anything for the past 5 days coz I don't have much to share these days.. I told you that I need to cook something for Hari Raya AidilAdha celebration rite..I did popia goreng and that was my very first attempt..It was simply delicious!!!trust me!!!bukan nak mmg sedap..i followed the recipe from the net and they turned out to be gorgeous and scrumptious popia goreng ever!!and of course with a slight of modern touch..ehehe..can't wait to go back to Malaysia and let my mum taste them..=))

There will be another occassion this coming Thursday, 3rd December 2009.. Me and my officemates decided to organize morning tea at our office and of course we have to bring something for the day.. The only thing in my mind rite now is chocolate brownies..simple yet delicious!!gotta go out and buy the ingredients from Woolworths tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thinking of foods


Hari Raya Aidil Adha is coming soon..and we're going to celebrate it at Kak Emy's house this Friday right after the prayer.. As usual, the concept is pot-luck and I don't have anything in my mind on what to bring at the moment..Heavy food is completely out of the list..let the experts do you have any advise diary boy??what you'd like to have for this coming Aidil Adha??don't suggest something out of my ability kay..kuih or biscuit sounds reasonable..but I still need to do some searches on the net for the recipe..If you have anything pop-up just let me know thinking..popia goreng?blueberry cheese tart?caramel pudding?chocolate brownies?cream puff?bla..bla..bla..hmm...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thirroul Beach,Bald Hill, Stanwell Park,Luna Park

Dear diary,

As I promised yesterday, I'm going to update you about the places that I went to during my weekend getaways on Saturday. After we had our lunch at town of Berry, we proceed our journey to Sydney..But we stopped at a few places along the way before we reach Sydney..

First, we stopped at Thirroul beach..before that we bought ourselves drinks from Gloria Jeans Coffee and enjoy the refreshments that have been prepared by Wana; cheesecake..yummie!!=)) We spent nearly one hour there enjoying the view of the coast..

Then we go to Bald Hill, Stanwell Park and watched people doing activities like hand-gliding and paragliding..If only I'm not afraid of height, I'll probably grab the chance to do activities like that to..

After that, we headed to Sydney and had our dinner at Malacca Straits Restaurant which is located at Broadway..I didn't eat much coz I was still full with the foods from our tea time..Then, we decided to go to Luna Park and spend sometimes playing there..

On our way back to Wollongong, we stopped at Rockdale 24hours McD and eat ice-cream eventhough all of us were shivering because of the cold wind.hehe..xpe,yg penting seronok!! That's the end of our journey..Hope to have a wonderful trip again next time..=))

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kiama::Nowra::Two Fig Winery

Good Afternoon diary,

I just had my breakfast!!a piece of strawberry cheese cake and a glass of apple juice..yummie!!yeah,yeah..i know it's time for lunch..but i forgot to take my breakfast this morning as I was busy concentrating on bibik's chores.hehe..every Sunday is the day where I become bibik at my own house..=)) Well,I would like to share with you a very interesting thing today..If this is too long, I will consider continuing it til tomorrow..ehehe..

I spent my Saturday by exploring sooo many places and things yesterday..and it was a real exciting and exhilarating experience that I can keep in my memory..There were 5 people altogether in the trip; Fendy, Fathul, K.Mas, Wana, and myself of course.. :p We rented a car for 24hours which cost us $60..Fortunately, we were given chance to ride in Australian national car, Holden Commodore Cruze that made our journey became very comfortable and cosy..

Australian Holden Commodore Cruze

We started our tour by visiting Kiama Blowhole, which is located roughly about 120km from Sydney.. This is the place where we can see the blowhole spray water in the air in quantities that thoroughly drench any bystanders. This happens under certain sea conditions..The word Kiama is derived from an aboriginal word, which means, "where the seas make noise"..If you want to know more about it, you can google for the information okay..=)) Just have a quick look to the pictures attached below so that you can see how beautiful is the place..

Witnessing the ocean blowing up the hole

Great scenery of a well-structured rock stone

Then, we continue our journey to Nowra Wildlife Park, which is the largest native animal park on the NSW South Coast..Our main target is to see Kangaroo and Koala bear as they are the trademark of Australia. And we were very lucky because we get there just in time before the Koala Show starts.. Just like visiting Zoo Taiping in Malaysia, I had fun playing with the animals inside there..

Me and the lazy koala

Feeding the kangaroo

As we are heading down to Berry town, we stopped by at TwoFig Winery and have a close look to the farm where the grapes in producing wine is planted..Check it out!!=))

Grape's farm

A place where everybody can relax

Lunch at Berry Park

I think that's enough for now..I will continue my story with other interesting things later..catch up with you again then!!=))

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy!!! =))


Hye dear!!!I'm soooo happy today... Finally I manage to come out with the solutions like what my beloved spv wants..I've been struggling doing this assignment over and over again for the past few weeks.. and I thought that it will take me forever to come out with that solution..Alhamdulillah today I made it..Now I believe what Kak Ean told me before, if you are in a great difficulties that no one can help, just tell Allah swt..He'll definitely listen to you and help you in any possible way..Thanks Allah..

Okay,let me share with you my solution..If you don't understand a bit about it, just keep one eye close..U know dat I love sharing with you rite..hehehe...*bodek* =))

This is the result that Prof Tim wants me to get

Here is my very own result
Can't you see the similiraties between the above graphs??u better say yess!!!if not I'm going to bite u!!teeheee..gila lah..i know both graphs look slightly different..but what's crucial here is the characteristic of the graphs..He used Fortran to get his solution..but I used different type of programming..but dun worry, I'm not going to discuss much about it as I know u'll end up sleeping right in front of me.hehehe..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hari Raya 2010???


Hye sweetie!!wake up..wake up!!I left you at rest only for one day, u curik2 tido eh..I don't care,u got to listen to my ramblings today..hehe..Act, I've a good news to tell you...Ha, getting excited rite???I'm not getting married yet lah!!Jgn teka yg bukan2 plz..okay,let me tell you but promise not to roll on the floor laughing good,promise??

I'VE GOT MY FLIGHT TICKET FOR HARI RAYA NEXT YEAR!!! yup,next year,2010!!! myself can't stop laughing until now..We haven't even celebrate our Hari Raya Haji for 2009 but I start talking about my next Hari Raya Aidil Fitri trip already..What can I do...Having the experience celebrating the most joyous occasion in our culture abroad this year made me feels like I don't wanna have it ever again..Once is good enough..huhu..

My flight will be on 5th September 2010 from Melbourne..And I'll probably have 5 fasting days in Malaysia and chances to eat all the foods from bazar ramadhan that I was craving for this year..Really can't wait to go back!!Owh, actually I'm going back in Feb 2010 for a short (but not really short) holiday too..but next Hari Raya trip keeps myself more excited.. Watever it is, as long as it is related to back-to-Malaysia trip, I'm getting all excited..=)) But dun worry sweetie boy, I'm not going to leave you okayy..You're my breathing space remember???,let's start counting the days together..yeehaaa!!

Thank you AirAsia for the cheap promo flight!!!

(photo courtesy from

p/s: These are all my plan..the rest is depending on Allah the Almighty..praying hard that I'll have more years to come..amiinnn..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Programming oh programming..

Dear diary,

I met my supervisor just now...yes,today,Monday,16/11/2009 at 11am..Don't be surprise diary boy..yeah,I know that our official appointment date is on Fridays at 11am..But today was upon request because last Friday kan I pegi shopping kat,kena cover balik la.teehee..:p

I need to show him my code and of course the result as well..uwaaaa!!when it comes to mathematical programming,I wish that I have Prof Dr Shaharuddin Salleh with me now.. He's my Sifu during my Undergraduate Project after all..Without him,I don't think I can reach this level and x mungkin terjebak dalam dunia programming nie..Then I met another Sifu who contributed a lot in my Master's Project, Assoc Prof Dr Ong Chee Tiong.. programming jugakkkk.. Then, I thought dah habisss,rupanya time PhD pun I've to learn from another Sifu in mathematical programming, Prof Dr Timothy Marchant..uwaaaa!!!Seems like I'm fated to live in the world of mathematical programs I guess..keep it up not give up okay..

Owh,back to my work..hmmm,care to look at my prog codes???I know you won't understand even a bit of it,but just have a quick look so that u have something in mind on what my life is all about rite now...The code is written in Maple progamming and this is sort of my latest result..

The coding

Now,let's look at the result

The graphical result (x versus u(x))

And you know what, this result still didn't satisfy my spv..He said that something goes wrong with the graph and I should keep playing around with the codes until I got the perfect one..the range of y in my current graph is too large and it can goes up until infinity whereas the value that I should get is 0..uwaaaa!!I'm sick of this..but I have to keep doing this..Go Amirah go!!!cheer for me okayyy!!=))

p/s: He promised to give me his codes which was written in Fortran (programming zaman Jepun..hehehe)..then I need to compare mine with his..and try to make it looks like his..yippieeee!!!baiknya supervisor sayeee..tu pun after one month I'm struggling with this programming thingy..nvm,better than nothing!!=))

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Proud of myself..=)


Hye dear...It has been 3 days since my housemate, Kak Ean gone back to Malaysia leaving me all alone in this house..But living by myself in this small-yet-very comfy house is not very bad after all..I was quite nervous during the first night but I made it!!This is something that I can be proud of..The remaining few days should be okay..hehe..ala,sminggu je weekend I'll have Laili to replace Kak Ean..HAPPY!!=))

Owh, I forgot to tell you that I spent my money on a few things last Friday..The story happened to be like this..That day I followed Fairus to send Kak Ean at Sydney Kingsford's international Airport. On our way back to Wollongong, we stopped at a few places that caused my money flew away.teehee..xpe la,bukan slalu..(alasan je ni)..(^_~)

First, we stopped at Corelle Factory Outlet in Oiordan St (ntah betol ke x eja,but something like this la) and I grabbed one 20 pieces Enhancements set which cost me AUD 71.95..the original price is AUD 89.90 but I got it for 30% discount..lepas dah bayar rasa rugi plk x amik 2 set..akhirnya I terjebak jugak dlm dunia Corell ni..hehe..=))

My very first Livingware Set (Enhancements)
(photo courtesy

Then, our next stopped was at Canterbury Factory Outlet store which is just a few hundred meters from Corelle Outlet.. I'm not a big fan of Canterbury or Wallabies or what so ever, but I still bought something for my father and BF..2 polo shirts that cost me about AUD 40..atleast I have something for them that people won't easily get in Malaysia..=))
Original Canterbury polo shirt that you can hardly get outside Oz or NZ
(photo courtesy from

Then, Fairus brought me to Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre at Drummoyne.. This the place where you can shop whilst enjoying the spectacular view of Sydney Harbour and browsing through a huge range of your favourite fashion, food and lifestyle brand..I bought myself a pair of jeans from Levi's,Skinny Slim Fit, Heather Blue..murah beb,only AUD 39.90..kalo kat Malaysia busuk2 pun mesti RM180..So,mmg patut beli pun..=))

My new jeans
(photo courtesy from

Can't you see how a single day could cost me around AUD200 which is equivalent to RM600..Ni pun dah kira terer sebab I manage to control my desires from buying other unnecessary-yet-very interesting things like shoes, dresses, blouses, perfumes, handbags bla..bla..bla.. Owh, I'm soo proud of myself!!teeheee..(^_~)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bondi Beach

Hye Diary boy,

U're doing great, aren't you?Owh,I didn't tell you that I spent my Saturday in Sydney last week..Can you imagine, I went out as early as 6am and came back at 8pm..It was really tiring though..But all the tiredness were sape yg x suke kan.ehehe.. :p I bought myself a few clothes and 2 pairs of sandals as a preparation for the coming summer..I really need them indeed.. =))

One more thing, I went to Bondi beach too..It was my first time being there okay..and it is true when people said that you can see people splattered all over the famous Sydney suburb beach in Bondi..for those yg nak "cuci mata" tu,tempat ni mmg perfect.wakakaka..

"Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometre long and is patrolled by lifesavers who make swimmers stay between the yellow and red flags."

Bondi Beach

(photo courtesy

Here are some photos of me in Bondi!!!

Bondi Iceberg: swimming pool with ocean water

Look at the the wave..simply breathtaking!!

What a very awe-inspiring view in Bondi..

You'll love Bondi as much as I me!!=))

Bumblebee loves Bondi too!!!ehehe..

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dear Diary,
It has been raining,raining and raining again all day..and you know what happen to me during rainy day rite..It's not like I hate the!no!I just don't like the feeling inside my heart whenever I see the fresh cold water pouring from the sky..For me, falling raindrops are depicted as teardrops..Why??maybe because in my mind, I imagine that raindrops are like "teardrops-shaped" it true??hmm...The answer for the above question is WRONG!ehehe..okay,let me share something with you..when I was looking at the raindrops outside of my window just now, I asked myself what is the shape of them?Then I started googling for the information and I found something new for me..and might be for others too..hehe..

Well, fyi, small raindrops are nearly I need to explain how spherical looks like??No rite..I know my diary boy is clever enough..=)) Larger raindrops become increasingly flattened on the bottom..just imagine like my favourite "Spicy Chicken McDeluxe" from, they look like burgers..and very large ones are in the form of parachutes..

Raindrops with spherical-shaped

(photo courtesy from )

For some people, rain metaphorically has a sad and negative implication in comparison to the bright happy sunlight..However, looking at the other side, rain can also bring joy as they are soothing or we can enjoy the artistic appeal of it..But for me, I look at the bright side of the rain..appreciating the great creation of The Al-Mighty..Thanks Allah..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strange weather

Hello Mr Diary,

I was doing my work just now and out of the blue I feel really cold in my office..Australian weather is completely odd u know..It was extremely hot (38 degree celcius) yesterday and all of a sudden it turns out to be freezing cold (16.9 degree celcius) today..and it is showering too..haishhh..

Different type of weathers

(photo courtesy )

Everyday I need to check on the weather forecast before I go out so that I'll know what to wear for that day..If not I will end up shivering because of the coldness or sweating in hotness..This is good about this strange weather as it teachs me to be an organize as well as systematic person..huahuahua!!

p/s: I miss Malaysian weather to the max!!somebody bring me back!!yes,rite now!!huhu..=(

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday Wish

Dear Diary,

I talked to my BF last night..and it was not a very smooth conversation tho..I don't know why I keep crying while talking to him..I told you earlier that I was soo sad being alone on a special day for me rite..I told him the same thing, hoping that he will understands..of course he did understands..thank you love..

But then, he said something..making me realize that I am very weak all this while as I rely too much on other people..(people here means my family and him only)..xtau kenape..manja sgt kot..Having heard that, I told myself to be emotianally powerful after this..I know that it's real hard for me since I was showered with double extra loves and tenderness since I was born 24 years ago..But I have to learn from now on..and this will be my birthday wish for this year indeed..Do pray for me kay my dear diary..

Dear love,
You're real special to me..
I realize that I can't do much without you..
But I promise myself not to be too dependent on you..
I'll try my best to be stronger and wiser as well..
Thanks for everything..
I love you soo much..and the love is even more now..

p/s: Note on my birthday:
  1. I got a very cute bithday present from my officemate, Pearl today..thanks a lot!!=) =)
  2. One more thing, I've got myself H1N1 vaccin's like a birthday present for myself..good precaution..=)

My 24th Birthday

Happy Birthday to me~~~
Happy Birthday to me~~~
Happy Birthday to Amirah~~~
Happy Birthday to me~~~

"Ya Allah,terima kasih di atas nikmat umur yang dipinjamkan kepadaku..
Aku sedar yang aku masih tidak cukup amanah menggunakan anugerah umur ini dengan sebaik-baiknya..
Namun,aku masih mengharapkan ihsan daripadamu..
Redhailah perjalanan hidupku..
Berikan aku peluang untuk menambah amalan hidupku sebagai bekalan untuk hari perhitungan kelak..
Panjangkan umurku Ya Allah supaya aku dapat membalas jasa kedua ibu dan bapaku..
Jika aku ditakdirkan untuk kembali kepada-Mu, matikanlah aku di dalam Iman dan Islam..
Sesungguhnya hanya kepada-Mu tempat untuk aku memohon pertolongan..
Amin..amin..Ya Rabbal Alamin.."

~Selamat ulang tahun yang ke-24~

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dear Diary,

I am writing this while nervously waiting for the clock to turn into 12am in a couple of hours. It means that I'll officially be 24 yo this year..And I don't know why am I crying right now..Feeling soo sad..being away from my loved ones I guess..This is the first time in my life celebrating my birthday all alone..Before this, there will always be people that I love around me..If it is not my family, I'll have my BF with me..and I also had experience celebrating with my beloved friends..

My teary eyes

(photo courtesy from

But now,I'm alone...It's not like I don't have friends here..No!No!There are lots of lovely people around me..It's just that they don't realize my birth date..yeah,I just met them for a few months and they still don't know much about me..same goes to me..I don't know much about them either..It doesn't really matter anyway..

Stop crying dearest heart..You're not alone..Always remember that..